The iTeufel Radio isn’t your average bargain-bucket bedside radio. With a lush, walnut finish, 35W of power under the hood and its own subwoofer, plus a built-in iPod dock, it’s more of a full-on bedroom hi-fi that does a sideline in getting you groggily groping for the snooze button of a weekday morning.

Stick in your Apple jukebox and you’ll be instantly impressed by the rich, warm and detailed sound thrown out by the iTeufel Radio. It really does pack a punch and throws out the kind of volume that will wake up your entire street if you leave it cranked up.

Radio Gaga

Being a bedside alarm clock, though, radio has to be the central focus. The iTeufel Radio has both FM and AM frequencies, with 10 presets available. Selecting these is easy using the remote – simply tune into the station you want, hold down the desired number from one to 10, and your choice will be stored.

Simple as this is, though, the lack of DAB is a real blow and one which really lets this otherwise natty gadget down massively. We’d even go as far as to say that we’d like to see Wi-Fi built in too.

At a time when the likes of the Pure Sensia is pulling in real-time Twitter and Facebook updates, not to mention access to thousands of radio stations from across the globe, the FM and AM gamut seems desperately lacking.

If you love 6Music or are a fan of myriad dedicated digital stations, the iTeufel Radio is a disappointment. Sure the sound quality is ace, but that’s no consolation when you’re lumbered with local radio or Steve Wright’s Sunday love songs.

Display troubles

The iTeufel Radio is undoubtedly a sleek piece of design. But that walnut finish and retro look is hamstrung by a rather dodgy screen. It’s not that the clock isn’t visible, more that when you use the display to set an alarm in conjunction with the remote, you need a magnifying glass to see what’s what.

The flashing options in the top-left-hand corner of the screen are so tiny we had to push our face right up the the radio to get a good look. And the issues didn’t end there. The remote is very poorly designed, making you go through a convoluted process of pressing tuning buttons to set the alarm correctly and generally lacking any intuitive functions.

The alarm options are wide ranging, letting you select your iPod, radio, a device connected to the auxiliary output or just a good old-fashioned beep. However, setting up such a basic function should be a straightforward process, not one that requires repeated use of the user manual.

There’s no denying the iTeufel Radio has hi-fi skills in abundance. But such a large device is hard to fit on most bedside cabinets. Buy it as an iPod dock by all means, but use it as a radio or alarm clock at your peril.


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iTeufel Radio review

A decent iPod dock, but lacks the kind of features we want from a modern day clock radio