The iPod dock is cropping up everywhere these days – in cars, on tables, even atop toilet roll dispensers.

A slightly more useful place to find one is on a micro hi-fi – and this is what the iSymphony M1 delivers. It’s a cheap bedroom or kitchen dweller, but is one of the few such systems to provide a seat for your iPod.   

Micro price

The iSymphony has everything you’d expect of the average micro system -– AM/FM tuner, CD player, aux line in and out, remote control – at a reasonable asking price.

Sure, it looks a little cheap and cobbled together and we’re not sure that the designers of its various constituent parts ever actually met, but that’s to be expected from a system at this price point.

What makes the iSymphony different is that iPod dock – a brilliant way to reinvigorate the micro system market and compete with the avalanche of iPod docks and speaker systems.

Could sound better

Whether playing the radio, CD or iPod, the iSymphony won’t disgrace itself but it doesn’t really get very close to entertaining either. The top end is decent, in fact better than many rivals, but the low end is vague around the edges and the overall result is dull and lifeless.

Though the sound from an iPod suffers in similar fashion, there’s undeniable pleasure to be had from the sight of the player perched atop the M1, where it can be charged and also controlled via the iSymphony’s remote control.

In the final analysis, the M1 is an underwhelming product, but it’s a promising harbinger for a future of multi-talented micro systems.

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iSymphony M1 review

Its lifeless sound won’t exactly get the party started, but the M1’s iPod dock could bring many an Apple fan round