Our nice cleaning lady has a rival, in the shape of iRobot's robo-vac. Will it be curtains for Magda? Let battle commence…

It’s claimed that the Roomba will glide around sucking up dust while you're at work - all you need do it let it charge, then hit the 'Clean' button.

Using Virtual Wall Lighthouse technology (three infra-red sensors), it maps out the shape of your room and avoids stairs or drop-offs. If it does make a mistake, the soft-touch bumpers should prevent it scraping your collection of Ming vases. Round one to the ’bot!


The Roomba takes about 45 minutes to vac the average room, and might manage three rooms on a charge before it needs to trundle back to its charging dock. It also made a meal of our short-fringed rug, which - despite built-in anti-tangle technology - it tried to slurp up like fresh linguine. Round two to Magda.

Just to see what would make the Roomba choke, we chucked it a deadly broken matchstick and a nasty chunk of animal fluff. It gobbled both up without complaint.

Bad news, Magda

At this point, some of you are probably thinking: 'It's round, it can't possibly get in the corners.' Which is true. But do you honestly vacuum in every single tiny nook and cranny? We don't, so we love this thing.

Magda: you're fired!

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iRobot Roomba review

Cheap robo-vacs used to be a no-no, but this one is top-notch. Not Dyson standards admittedly, but far more relaxing