One thing’s for certain, the X9 cuts a diminutive figure compared to many of its rivals. It’s truly portable and boasts a short-throw ratio to match, capable of displaying a picture from 1m to 12m from the screen, depending on how big an image you want.

The X9’s versatility extends to its ability to throw an image from a tabletop, ceiling or the rear of the room, while set-up is fairly simple.

No full HD

Unsurprisingly, considering the price, this DLP projector doesn’t have a Full HD resolution, settling for 1280x720, but you can send 1080p/24fps HD video content via the HDMI connection.

Elsewhere there’s one of each when it comes to standard video connections – component, S-Video and composite are all here – and InFocus claims a 2500:1 contrast ratio alongside a brightness of 1800 lumens.

The credit card-sized remote doesn’t have a backlight and even with the lights up we found ours a little unresponsive unless we got the angle to the sensor spot on. You might also find the X9 a tad noisy – though at the price, it’s probably not worth quibbling.

Bright and vibrant

With Blu-rays, the image delivers a decent sense of three-dimensionality, with bold, brighter hues delivered with punch. Edges are drawn reasonably firmly and the overall image has good sharpness, with only fast action scenes causing a slight loss of clarity.

That said, the InFocus X9 lacks acute attention to detail, while contrast levels are also less impressive than its more-expensive peers.

Nevertheless, InFocus’ X9 projector is a clever little unit and if you’re on a very tight budget, or want something that’s versatile and can work in a smaller room, we’re more than happy to suggest you investigate it.

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InFocus X9 review

Small but perfectly formed, the X9 isn’t for everyone but if you’re pushed for space and money, it’s a fine solution