Securing your home, office or garage is most important today. And with surveillance cameras as cheap as a family dinner, it’s pretty affordable and easy to deploy a camera in almost every room and area.

While there are several such cameras available from numerous brands, we review the Zoook Eagle Cam 100 to know if it checks the required boxes and is worth an investment over others in the market.

Zoook Eagle Cam 100 Design and Build

The Zoook Eagle Cam 100 is built with a complete plastic body, dressed in a glossy black exterior that looks more like Darth Vader, if you have watched Star Wars. The bottom half sports a static, wall and ceiling mountable pod that hosts the electronics. Within it is a speaker and mic for communication, while the rear sports the Ethernet port (a rare in the segment), a microSD card slot, a micro USB power slot and a reset button. The top half holds the main camera that rotates 360-degrees horizontally and around 90-degrees horizontally. The camera has an IR LED and sensors on the top and bottom respectively. Sporting a black body is good since the camera is almost invisible in the dark, but the glossy surface is heavily prone to dust being visible.

Zoook Eagle Cam 100 Features

The camera is an IP surveillance camera that can connect to both physical Ethernet (10/100) and Wi-Fi (2.4G). The camera is a 2MP sensor with full HD 1920x1080 video capture resolution and up to 4x digital zoom.  As for the storage, you can plug in up to 128GB microSD cards to record and store weeks of footage, with automatic recycling of older videos. The amount of storage and the quality and type of recording settings will alter the number of days you can record (average 10 days on a 32GB card). For max number of days, you can set the recording quality to SD and use motion detection to record only movements. Additionally, you can also connect a compatible IP Video recorder on the same network and store the videos on an external device. Lastly, other features include night vision, alarms when detecting motion, and Alexa support too.

Zoook Eagle Cam 100 Setup

Setting up is super simple. The bundled mount (which sadly is white in colour and looks like cheap plastic) needs to be mounted to the wall. Then adjust the mount and use the thumbscrew to mount the camera on it and adjust the angle for facing it to the room. Plug in the microSD card and the power cable and you are good to start. The camera has a reset button on the back, which needs to be pressed once, and then you need to follow the procedure on the app for pairing it with your phone and Wi-Fi network. Do note, this camera makes funny sounds when pairing (water drop sounds) and the phone sends information to the camera (Wi-Fi details) using sound tones. We found setting up interesting, unique and fun. Once the camera is set up, head to the app and adjust the settings for your recording.

Zoook Eagle Cam 100 Performance

The Eagle Cam 100 is a straightforward device. It works painlessly in the background and you will only need it when there is an emergency or if you need to check out some footage. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness, while also setting the quality between low to full HD resolution. Set up a password (so that no one can access it but you), have date/time stamps, set up the recording location and a lot more.

The video live-view is pretty easy to monitor and the app will warn you of data usage costs every time you are using your mobile data instead of Wi-Fi or if you are not on the same network. The video feed is bright and clear, but that depends on the lighting conditions in the room where the camera is placed. Placing it outdoors should not have issues. Low light areas automatically trigger the night mode surveillance and the IR LED kicks into action immediately. Videos in low light are clear, too, but could have been better. However, it also depends on the distance from the subject, as the IR light tends to dim down after a few metres.

You can view the recordings whenever you need it by simply clicking on the calendar icon on the top right. When in live mode, you can control the pan/zoom/tilt of the camera easily — simply scroll or pinch/zoom on the video screen and the camera moves physically. You can also record a video or click a photo manually if you wish by using the video and camera icons below the viewing screen. Additionally, you can tap the speaker and mic icons to hear the sounds or conversations in the room or start a communication with someone in the room. And another good thing here is that you can summon Alexa to throw up the video feed on to the monitor by simply using your voice.

To watch the recorded videos or footage, you can either use the app itself and download the videos you need or simply plug in the microSD card from the camera into a PC/laptop. You also have the option to save the video to the cloud for safety and remote access, but that is available for a price. The app is pretty good and you can add multiple cameras to monitor your entire house, premise or work area on a single screen. The best part is that, unlike conventional Wi-Fi CCTV cameras, the Zoook Eagle Cam 100 allows you to record/store the data on your local network storage, have options to control brightness and contrast levels and be mounted on a tripod for outdoor use too.

Zoook Eagle Cam 100 Verdict

The Zoook Eagle Cam 100 seems to have all the boxes checked in order to be considered. The addition of a physical Ethernet connection, adjustments of the video (brightness, contrast) and the possibility of storing the recordings on a local network drive are what puts this camera apart from the others. Priced at a mere ₹2599 each, the Cam 100 is recommended for your office or home if you are looking for a good CCTV solution on a very affordable budget.

Stuff says... 

Zoook Eagle Cam 100 review

Feature-rich video surveillance on a tiny budget
Good Stuff 
Settings to brighten the video images
Physical Ethernet port
Up to 128GB microSD support
Network storage possible
Tripod mountable
Alexa compatible
Bad Stuff 
Overall build quality could have been better
Bundled mount and cable colour does not match the camera