There’s no need to wait for Santa Claus to turn up when Father Stuffmas is in town

Stuff India's playing Santa this year to give you a chance to win some exciting gifts! 

From the elegant Titan Juxt Pro to the cool Fastrack sunglasses, via Denon premium portable bluetooth speaker and a pair of Denon high quality in-ear headphones, with a Wildcraft rucksack to put it all in, this is a gadget haul that no number of elves could put together.

The full list of prizes up for grabs is:

  • Wildcraft (Rock & Ice Plus) Rucksack for trekking
  • Fastrack sunglasses
  • Titan Juxt Pro
  • Denon high quality in-ear headphones (AH-C720)
  • Denon Envaya Mini 


  1. Wildcraft (Rock & Ice Plus) Rucksack for trekking: Sushant Marathe, Joseph Alex and Amit Amitesh.
  2. Fastrack sunglasses: Tushar Sharma, Elaine Baptista, Ranganathan Vinod and Ankur Mistry.
  3. Titan Juxt Pro: Dilip Mukherjee.
  4. Denon high quality in-ear headphones (AH-C720): Purshottam Lovelesh.
  5. Denon Envaya Mini: Abhijeet Pawar.

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