If you are seeking a large capacity yet highly portable storage solution, then look no further.

Western Digital has a 5TB portable hard drive for your list. This one can store your entire life’s memories, all your music collection you would ever need till you retire, and even back up your entire online social accounts and cloud storage data while you go party at your friend’s house.

Fill it. Forget it.

Yes! With a massive 5 terabytes of storage, you probably could store your entire life’s photos and videos, documents and a lot more. If you are a musician, or a DJ, imagine carrying your entire music collection with you, wherever you go. Western Digital’s My Passport is a portable USB HDD storage that can store a whopping 5TB of data. It is compact, portable, secure and can transfer data in high speed.

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The 5TB drive is lighter (210g) and smaller than a conventional powerbank, and is available in three different colours — black, blue and red. It sports a Superspeed USB 3.2 port to allow you high-speed data transfers to and from your PC or laptop. And it comes with a 3-year warranty too. 

The best part is that it features a built-in software (also available on the WD website) that can help you connect to your social accounts and cloud servers (Facebook, Dropbox and Google). You can now back up your entire online life, and also organise your data (photos, videos, documents, etc.) and carry it along with you everywhere.

Will my data be safe?

Yes. With 256-bit AES hardware encryption, your data is highly secure. All you need to do is activate the password protection option in the WD Discovery software once you start using the drive. This is a great option for office backups or for those who want to keep their memories safe. Using the WD Backup software, you can also automate backups by scheduling it daily or weekly, depending on your requirement.

What about speed?

Though it has a built-in hard drive, the device has a micro-B USB interface that supports USB 3.2 Gen 1 and allows for the highest speeds with compatible computers. It comes preformatted with NTFS for Windows operating systems making it completely plug-n-play on arrival. A micro-B to Type-A short cable is bundled too. Expect speeds of between 100 and 115MB/s depending on the type of files being transferred.

Should I buy it?

Well, if data storage for backups is all you need, then the WD My Passport 5TB is worth a shot and good value for money. However, if you are looking at speedy transfers and a rugged portable that could survive daily rough use and abuse, then you should opt for an SSD-based external drive — but they don’t come in cheap.

Stuff says... 

WD My Passport 5TB review

Great value for money, with a large storage tank and features such as 256-bit security and automated backups
Good Stuff 
Large capacity
Free software utilities
Value for money
Bad Stuff 
Short USB Type-A cable
No Type-C cable bundled