There’s always more we can squeeze out of smartphones and Vivo’s answer to flagship performance is not through the traditional means of plonking blazing innards. Well, it does have specced out internals but the primary focus of the X60 Pro is the rear cameras. 

It’s packing some serious photography tech and there’s a friggin’ gimbal sitting there too. It’s surely rubbing shoulders with the newly launched OnePlus 9 and teasing the giants - Samsung and Apple with its pricing.

Vivo smartphones have started to get a similar look. Like the previous generation Vivo X50 and the mid-range V20 Pro, the aesthetic of the smartphone looks familiar. Although it's up to your preference, I find this quite nice. Being able to build an identity is hard in the world of smartphones but Vivo is getting there.

The look and feel of the smartphone are quite premium too. It’s one of the sleekest and light smartphones we’ve used in a long time. Especially one that costs fifty grand. Vivo hasn’t cut too many corners though. There’s a wholesome 4300mAh battery with fast charging capabilities. It doesn’t charge wirelessly though but it’s acceptable because it juices up quickly so you don’t have to spend too much time next to a plug point.


The camera bump on the back is not massive too. It’s enough to keep everyone happy and the photos it delivers are phenomenal too. Don’t go comparing notes with an iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 owner but it's worth the ₹50K you put down. In our opinion, the OnePlus 9 delivers a similar picture quality. Photos are a wee-bit sharpened and the contrast is bumped up to look appealing. Low-light performance is better than most smartphones but you can take that with a pinch of salt. The cameras lather the scene with more than necessary light which might burn certain parts of your photos. White objects especially. It performs better at landscape photography under low-light conditions and brings out details that would otherwise be unclear.

There’s a ton of flexibility in Vivo’s camera setup. The Portrait and ultra-wide are done well but there’s also a macro mode which makes things fun and interesting. It’s not a droopy feature here because some shots are quite useable through the Macro mode.

Portrait photography is another area where Vivo X60 Pro excels with flying colours, quite literally. It manages to capture shots with crispy details and pleasant tonal contrast. Compared to the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, it cannot create the same dreamy soft blur effect nor can it punch out drama like the Samsung S21. It’s still a banger camera for the price and if you know your way around smartphone photography, the Vivo X60 is a playground like none other. It’s got a gimbal stabilization which means your videos will have an action camera-like smoothness but don’t toss it around like one. The use of the moving lens is still great for videos and somewhat useful in still photography. Vivo says it can capture fast-moving objects with precision but we haven’t seen the difference in our use.

The camera also uses a Zeiss lens which means that the lens can kick out any nasties the sunlight might throw at you. The lens is also shaped to correct ultra-wide distortions and it does. The curved objects are straightened out and the centre of the frame in ultra-wide is as uniform as the primary lens and distortion-free. 

There’s a lot of fun to be had with the X60 Pro’s camera but the same can be said for the OnePlus 9 too. And we all can agree that OxygenOS is one of the best Android UIs out there.

Vivo has polished the Funtouch OS experience to match the competition but it still fills the thing with a ton of bloatware. There’s just too much unnecessary bloatware that could’ve been avoided and some permission requests that don’t seem to make sense. We had to agree to a page long legal agreement to use the universal search bar in the phone’s UI! Same story with the Manager app. These things don’t intrude on your daily usage but if privacy and security are your number one priority, Vivo might be asking for more data under the most frivolous conditions.

Thankfully none of this slows your smartphone. The Snapdragon 870 and 120Hz refresh rate is an absolute banger recipe for a smooth smartphone user experience. Snapdragon 888 would’ve been nice at this price but that’s reserved for the V60 Pro+. It’s got 12GB of RAM and 3GB additional RAM by converting storage into useable RAM. While playing Call of Duty: Mobile, the game ran smoothly without any hiccups. The phone stays comparatively cooler too, which is quite surprising because it has a thin body.


Not that the 120Hz display is only good for gaming and browsing but watching Netflix is also fun. It’s not the most accurate display in the segment but it’s got punchy blacks. We wish it had stereo speakers though. 

If you’re making this your daily driver, the Vivo X60 Pro has all the features and capabilities of a great smartphone with some known rough edges. Key features stop this from truly becoming a flagship experience but that’s hardly an issue if you’re okay with Vivo’s shortcomings.


The Vivo X60 Pro is fighting with the OnePlus 9 for a place in your pocket. We don’t think it delivers the best smartphone experience for the price but if camera smarts are your main priority along with the latest specs, the X60 Pro could convince you to ditch all others in the segment.

Funtouch OS needs a bit more polish and it’s still missing key features like wireless charging and stereo speakers. 

The Zeiss camera lens is great for ultra-wide photography and an absolute belter in low-light conditions. 

The Competition 

OnePlus 9 Pro review

Our Rating 
Tech Specs 
12GB RAM +3GB Virtual RAM
Refresh Rate
120 Hz
Front Camera
Rear Camera
ZEISS optics, 48MP Gimbal f/1.48, 13MP wide-angle, 13MP Portrait
Qualcomm Snapdragon 870
Battery & Charging
4200 mAh | 33W
Stuff says... 

Vivo X60 Pro review

For the photography nerds who want a little more excitement from their camera
Good Stuff 
Fantastic ultra-wide camera
Zeiss lens is useful for landscape photography
Low-light master but sensitive to light during the day
Smooth performance
Looks and feels like a flagship
Bad Stuff 
No wireless charging
What’s with the bloatware, guys?
Permission for using the search bar? Seriously?
No stereo speakers