Vivo’s smartphones have always been about that oomph, that latest never-seen-before tech and innovative designs.

This time, the V11 Pro gets one of the smallest water droplet-like notches and it certainly looks better than the rest out there. It’s one of the cheapest Vivo’s to sport the in-display fingerprint scanner after its Nex and X21 siblings, the body still feels similar to the V9 but this time it's got a shiny new gradient back to attract eyeballs.

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Design and display: All that glitter

Slender, slim and good looks have always been the mantra for Vivo’s V series. Its passion for Yoga has never died and maintained its diet for quite sometime now.

The 6.4in screen doesn’t feel too tall for meekly-like hands and because it’s sharp on the sides, there’s more grip and lesser chance for slippage. Unless, your hands are covered with butter or grease.

The colours and saturation levels pop bright and sharp, thank to its Super AMOLED FHD+ display (2340x1080). Flip it horizontally, turn on YouTube and enjoy watching anything you fancy. Sadly, the HD logo does not appear before you turn on Netflix titles, but when you start streaming, the quality is still crisp and clear. No, the notch doesn’t come in the way.

Speaking of the notch, it’s amongst the smallest in town and there’s no way you can hide it. Instead, you should flaunt it all over and so people can ogle and feel jealous thinking that your notch is better than theirs.

Flip the phone around to find dual rear cameras with a gold rim for extra premiumness and a shade of sparkly gradient colours on the back that spread across. At certain angles, you’ll notice a tinge of blue and sometimes purple. It’s quite an attention seeker and has an edge over certain smartphones under in that price bracket. You can choose between two colours - Starry Night and Dazzling Gold.

One thing that really put us off was the microUSB fashion of charging. It’s 2018 for Pete’s sake, why is there no USB Type-C? Especially when you’re spending ₹26k. But hey, it can fast charge within a good hour-ish.

Performance and OS: come at me bro

Running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 processor with an AI Engine, this performs like and runs the show without any jitters. It’s speedy and quick to launch applications, games and animations. There are other smartphones out there with a higher processor that cost a little lesser, but it’s not needed if you’re not the kinds who doesn’t demand too much from the phone. AI is there for a reason you know...

6GB RAM is more than enough for multitasking and running apps in the background and 64GB of storage (expandable to 256GB) isn’t a lot, but if you’re a casual user, you’ll be fine.

The in-display fingerprint scanner is cool to use and you can show it off amongst friends and family. It’s not super snappy to unlock, but hopefully it’ll get faster in the future. Right now, it’s focused on the cool animations when you dab your thumb on the screen. You can even choose to set what kind of animation you want. Geeky stuff.

Need faster unlocking? Let the V11 Pro scan your face and watch it unlock faster than the speed of light. Kidding, it’s not that fast, but it’s FAST. We don’t know how secure it is, but hey, it’s fast.

If you’re looking to play action packed games like Asphalt or PUBG (medium graphic setting), this will glide like a parachute and land safely. We gamed on it all day long and never got tired of getting chicken dinners. The phone didn’t heat up and kept asking for more. How kind.

Meanwhile, meet Vivo’s FunTouch OS 4.5. It’s still shamelessly rocking an iOS rip-off look and there’s no hiding. The ‘control centre’, the icons and the system settings look almost identical. Even though it’s filled with its own bloatware and apps, it's smooth and speedy to use.

You’ll must’ve heard of Jovi. For you’ll who don’t know, it’s Vivo’s in-built personal assistant who thinks it understands you better than you know yourself. Hmm…

If you swipe left on the homescreen, it’ll jot down all the things you need to know throughout your day. It also manages and take care of background processes and efficiently handles CPU and memory so your phone doesn’t lag or feel stoned. Thank you Jovi.

Battery wise, the 3400mAh battery does wonders and can last the entire day no matter how much you ask from it. It’s got the potential to pull off a whole day with strenuous app usage, gaming, picture-taking, multitasking and leave you with about 30% of juice before you hit the bed. Fast charge it within a good hour (microUSB) and you’re ready to rock and roll. Phew

Camera: Selfie monster

Rocking a dual lens (12MP+5MP) with AI on the back and a mega 25MP AI front camera in the front, the V11 Pro stands out to be quite a shutterbug. Especially for the selfie fans.

At the 26k price tag, this one has all the modes required in a camera and can shoot some pretty pictures with decent bokeh abilities too.

We’re not too fond of clicking selfies, but with a 25MP camera on the front, it can turn you into a selfie-clicking monster. Turn on its selfie lighting and choose from different light settings like monochrome, rainbow, loop, stereo and stage. Suit your liking and spam your fellow mates on social media. Shine like a diamond young one.

Oo, what’s this? It’s a Banana! Good news, you’ll also get Google Lens baked right into the camera app, where you just have to point the camera to any kind of text, object or thing and it’ll tell you.

Camera wise, the V11 Pro certainly has the best selfie cam in its price point but the dual-cams on the back may not deserve the pole position. Nevertheless, we feel it's got the grit to land a top 5 spot against sub-₹​30k smartphones.

Tech Specs 
Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE Octa-core
64GB (microSD card up to 256GB)
3400mAh (Dual-Engine Fast Charging)
Operating System
Funtouch OS 4.5 (based on Android 8.1)
6.41in (2340x1080) FHD+ Super AMOLED (2.5D)
Front 25MP (f/2.0); Rear 12MP+5MP (f/1.8 + f/2.4)
Stuff says... 

Vivo V11 Pro review

The V11 Pro checks most the boxes for what a sub-₹30 smartphone should offer
Good Stuff 
In-display fingerprint scanner
Tiny notch
Super AMOLED display
Chunky battery...
..and it’s lightweight
Awesome front camera with portrait mode and various lighting
Bad Stuff 
FunTouch OS is a hit or miss