If you haven’t acquainted yourself with Ultimate Ears, prepare to be amazed my friend.

This dinky little device is cuter than a cuddle bear but don’t be fooled by its endearing exteriors. It’s packed to the brim with supreme sonic skills that can start a party just about anywhere.

As part of the recently launched Freestyle Collection range, you get to choose between five new avatars of the Wonderboom that truly let you make it your own. We’ll be vibing with the Patches variant to see if it’s added to the Wonderboom’s overall appeal.

UE Wonderboom design: your new shower buddy

Sitting nice and snug in between UE’s Boom and Roll speakers, the Wonderboom looks a bit like it got squished to size with a bump on the head, Cartoon Network style. With a resume just as impressive as its elder sibling, it can survive splashes just as easy and even brush off the moisture over its woven skin that waves goodbye to water as it tumbles right off.

What makes the Wonderboom a certified swimmer is the rubber port protector on the back allowing you to submerge it underwater for a full 30 minutes before it starts to drown. The little speaker will promptly team up with fellow Wonderbooms to create a seamless multi-room system. You can even pair up a couple of these via the UE button up top that doubles up as a play/pause feature as well.

Volume rockers have been given the signature treatment of full integration with the design make them just as much as a style statement as they’re a functional feature. Moreover, in its new Freestyle avatar, the Wonderboom is more a conversation starter than ever before. With five designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a style to suit your taste and that certainly sets it apart from even its own kind if you so choose.

UE Wonderboom features: keeping things simple

We really dig UE’s no nonsense cut straight to the chase attitude as far as the feature list goes. Some spec shoppers will feel short changed, but in the long run we’re betting you will appreciate its simplicity. There’s Bluetooth onboard, and that’s it. No NFC, no AUX, no mic, no built-in charger, no sir.

Instead, the Wonderboom focuses all its energy on being a damn good speaker that can go ten hours straight on a full charge. Do we feel any port anxiety at all? Au contraire. One universal connectivity option that works like it should is fine by us. Trust a brand that’s been in the game long enough to know a thing or two about dos and don'ts.

UE Wonderboom sound: loud and bassy, indoors and out

Giving the full beans to all aspects of the frequency band, the Wonderboom spreads its sonic sauce in all directions at the same time. We fed it some Glass Animals and discovered instantly the depth and quality of its bass making for a sound that bring some serious heft to the table. This means it can literally be dead centre of the party with listeners on all sides being audience to the full experience.

It definitely isn’t setting any benchmarks as far as sheer audio quality is concerned. There are rivals such as Bose that can outshine in that department. But what does work in the Wonderboom’s favour is the size of its sound. Which is larger than what you’d expect from its modest dimensions. Vocals and the overall sound in general pack detail aplenty, even if they aren’t quite class-leading. However, considering its intended use case, it’ll certainly please a fairly large audience.

UE Wonderboom verdict

Surprise surprise. UE’s hit another one out the park in its portable speaker range. Truth be told, UE’s portable speakers have a glowing reputation that precedes them which makes the Wonderboom a fantastic addition to the range.

It’s cute, stout and definitely loud, but it also wraps itself nicely in a water-resistant package that ensures the party never stops even with generous lashings of our mighty monsoons. It’s not the last word in refinement, but for what it offers, the Wonderboom is wondrous in several ways indeed.

Stuff says... 

UE Wonderboom review

Drop this at the centre of your party and prepare for a satisfying sonic boom
Good Stuff 
Cute appearance
Deceptively loud and bassy
Water resistant
Bad Stuff 
There’s room for refinement

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