The 10 Best iPhone and iPad apps

Want to know the finest iOS apps available for your iPhone or iPad? We've got you covered

Korg Gadget

The amazing iPad mobile music studio grooves its way on to iPhone and iPad Pro, and it’s better than ever

Affinity Photo

Take your jaw off of the floor - this really is desktop-class pro-level photo editing for your iPad. Photoshop who?

GRID Autosport

Think you can’t get console-quality games on iOS? Try this vrooming amazing racer and you’ll be instantly converted.

Bring You Home

Change the future by dragging panels about in this imaginative mash-up of slapstick interactive cartoon and puzzler


Non-destructive editing, tons of filters, and a playful interface. Are you sure this is a free app? (Yes)

Data Wing

Zoom about 2D racetracks and tricky arcade bits. Immerse yourself in a heart-wrenching story. Marvel that it’s entirely free


An indie darling of writers everywhere, this long-form scribbler is a first-rate iOS arrival