The 10 Best Android smartphone and tablet apps

We select the best downloads for your Android-powered device


Non-destructive editing, tons of filters, and a playful interface. Are you sure this is a free app? (Yes.)


A clever puzzler with deviously designed challenges and a brilliant brain-bending time-travel device

Data Wing

Free to download and free from IAP and ads, but packed with character, exciting races and a heart-twanging storyline. Get it

The Room: Old Sins

The devious puzzle series hits new heights as you attempt to untangle the mysteries within a terrifying and impossible abandoned doll’s house


One of the best freebie camera apps around just got better. Superb for adding character to photos and videos.

Bear Focus Timer

Can’t concentrate? Always reaching for your smartphone? Have this furry good Pomodoro-style timer help you properly focus

Power Hover Cruise

Strap on your best hoverboarding boots and prepare to slam into many spiked objects in this high-octane Android endless runner