By concentrating on what matters most in a sports watch and leaving secondary features to one side, TomTom has come up with a tracker that works just as hard as you do.

The triathlete's choice?

TomTom keeps things simple here, and while the menu layout initially seems odd, you’ll soon learn where to find everything. The TomTom’s web app isn’t as slick as those of its rivals but a bespoke smartphone app has just gone live and you can sync to some 3rd party services. Tracking of runs, swims and cycles makes it great for triathletes in training, but the lack of a dedicated triathlon mode means it’s more awkward than it should be for actual races. The accelerometer-based swimming mode can also be a bit patchy. But it lasts for days, the clear display gives stats at a glance and the ‘training partner’ pacing function is brilliant. There’s no Wi-Fi transfer but the potential is great given the price.

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TomTom Multi-Sport review

A comparative bargain and a must for multi-disciplinarians