Sony might have been late to the OLED party. Not only have they caught up with the competition, but with this latest gen TV, surpassed every other kind of technology or brand.
The Master moniker is not to be taken lightly, and when Sony uses it, you know they mean business. Their rich heritage in professional monitors clearly spills over to this OLED panel as well. The A9G sits on the top of their range and looks sleek, minimalist and stealthy.

Absolutely black

Enough has been said about the absolute black levels of OLED panels, but on the A9G, the LG-sourced panel is coupled with its own X1 Ultimate picture processor. This is the magic sauce with a plethora of object-based processing and it shows in the detail, sharpness and colour accuracy of this TV.
Although a certified Android TV, the interface and remote isn’t as intuitive as LG’s WebOS. It has handy shortcuts for controls and suggestions for content, but the overall experience isn’t joyful. Also, if you are a serious cinephile, you’ll find the picture settings too tediously layered.
All is forgiven once you play some 4K HDR content on it. The staggering levels of depth, thanks to the inky blacks and superb Dolby Vision implementation, Bohemian Rhapsody’s colours and costumes appear more detailed and textured than ever.
Acoustic Surface tech makes the whole screen a speaker and it does wonders for speech. Dolby Atmos doesn’t surround you, but the sonic experience is different and better than most flat screen TVs.


Finished in premium materials, the remote misses out on an Amazon Prime Video hot key, but does get direct access to Netflix and Google Play. Entering search keywords is still a pain via the on-screen keyboard, but Alexa is supported.
As a Netflix-Certified TV, the A9G has a toggle in the picture setting menu to switch the Netflix Calibrated mode on/off. It shows a dramatic shift in skin tones and overall colour balance, making it easy to get the best picture.


LG has the brilliant C9 OLED and Samsung has just made a splash in India with the first-ever true 8K QLED, but the Sony Master Series has an unfair advantage over the others; Sony equipment is used through the entire film-making chain, from pre, to post production, and reproduction. This knowledge boils down to accuracy and faithfulness in colour.

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Sony A9G review

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