You might look like a teenage James Bond with these on but it’ll help capture every single moment in a concert as they unfold.

Snapchat’s 3D spectacles have arrived a bit late for college students but what does it mean to wear sunglasses during a lockdown? Nothing. You really can’t enjoy them at their full potential but how do they work when you’re out and about? Glad you asked. Here’s what it is to wear and live with Snapchat Spectacles 3.

Build like a tank

The moment you pull the spectacles out of their perfectly designed case, which we will come to a bit, it feels premium. And of course, they should because at an asking price of ₹30K, it has to withstand the perils of DJ concerts and unorganised backpacks. 

Although, wearing them is a different feeling altogether. These are very tight. So tight that no matter how long we waited for them to loosen up, the Snapchat Spectacles 3 lacked comfort. The temple tips push into your skull and the top bar sticks to your skin between the brows. We tried them on three people and the results were the same. Everyone complained that it was too tight. On the brightside, these don’t fall off easily and you wouldn’t want to drop them and ruin the two cameras sitting on either side of the frame.

In case of perfection

Probably the best thing about the Spectacles 3 is its case and how much attention has gone into making it. It comes with a USB Type-C port for charging but it doesn’t stand out in any techy way. It’s wrapped in leather that feels absolutely fantastic while holding and it can be squashed flat when the spectacles are out of the case.Unlike the Bose Frames that we tested almost a year ago, Snapchat’s Spectacle 3 case is an absolute win. It even has LED indicators to indicate how much charge is left in the case and charging the Specs is as easy as placing them in the case.

Party tricks

The 3D shots from the camera sitting on the Spectacles 3 are not going to blow your mind. Indoor shots are hazy and grainy so if it’s quality you’re looking for then you’re better off strapping a smartphone on your forehead. Outdoor shots share a similar fate but as long as you have a blanket of sunlight covering your view, you’re fine for social stories. That said, the Spectacles 3, like the ones before, offer a burden-free GoPro like POV. 

You can tap two buttons on either side of the frames to record a 10-second video and keep tapping to go upto a minute. Albeit, we couldn’t get it to capture 60 second videos as intuitively as we’d like. A tap and hold snaps a 3D photo of the world around you. Like the Spectacles 2, there’s an LED ring around the camera which lets others in your view know that they’re being recorded and a tiny dot LED on the inside informs you about the capturing process. Both of which are handy and the ring safely informs anyone who doesn’t want you to intrude on their privacy.

There’s 4GB of storage on the Spectacles 3 so you can keep tapping that button and be in the moment. 

Transferring the content from the Spectacles 3 to your smartphone is monkey-easy. You open Snapchat and the app automatically detects and transfers your content from the Spectacles 3. Once inside the Snapchat app, you can add 3D filters to spice up your videos and photos and even save them in circle, square, landscape, portrait and as 180° YouTube VR. The options are great and quite flexible but the most fun one is definitely VR. Reliving your videos and photos through the 3D viewer that is included in the box is quite personal. It’s exactly like a Google Cardboard and quite handy.

There are microphones on the shades too and they’re fantastic for capturing your voice and chatter with buddies.


Yet another novelty tech gadget that you may or may not pick up, or even find use for, but Snapchat's commitment to wearable tech and AR is quite commendable. The company itself doesn’t expect users to flock around these like the next big thing. The Spectacles 3, like its predecessor are an important stepping stone in the right direction.

The quality of the shades is top notch but they lack something very important - comfort. And no matter how heavy the Bose Frames felt on my ears, the uncomfortably tight fit of the Spectacles 3 is a bigger turn off. 

The case is done absolutely right and the 3D filters are amazing too. There are not as many of them as we’d like, but they’re all fantastic and well executed. If you do plan to buy these, you can replace the lenses with your prescription lenses and make them your daily driver.

Stuff says... 

Snapchat Spectacles 3 review

Not the most spectacular spectacles but it’s a step in the right direction
Good Stuff 
Great way to capture the world
Strongly built
Amazing charging case
USB Type-C
Bad Stuff 
Uncomfortable and pokey
Will deplete your savings