Before you get all jumpy, these do look like the AirPods, but not quite exactly.

For most of you who don’t know, the Skullcandy Push was the brand’s first attempt at crafting a truly wireless earbud which did not turn out too well and we don’t blame them at all. So to make amends, Skullcandy kept two things in mind. First, a good team bashing and second, to keep trying until there’s something big enough to lure the masses.

And just after a few months, it gave birth to the Indy. These truly wireless danglers look like the bigger, bolder and blacker version of the Apple AirPods and cost exactly half the price of the 1st gen AirPods too.

Don’t roll your eyes and pass off judgements just yet, let’s discuss whether these do justice for what they offer.

Sound quality and calls: treble heavy

The Skullcandy Indy offers a typical ‘Skullcandy signature audio’. By typical we mean, it’s definitely not tuned to make audiophiles moan, but it does make you shake your head while some casual listening.

The Indys are more focused on delivering lows and a little on the mids, giving the listener a little ear massage to whatever they are listening to. Whether it’s Happy Birthday by Kygo or Beam by Petit Biscuit, this will sure sound bassier than usual, but it’s not dirty bass if you know what we mean. If you’re more into vocals, you will be unhappy with the muffled treble levels since the bass is so overpowering. We’d suggest you to find alternatives if you’re not a fan of bassy music.

But in general, these sound average and do the job if you’re not fussy about the particularities of a song. In terms of volume levels, these can go pretty loud enough to damage ears and since it’s isolated, you don’t need to pump up volume levels to max to silence out the noise at Dadar station.

Primarily buying these for calls? Hold on. The Indy has just one microphone on the right earbud and sadly, it doesn’t work quite well in noisy environments and office spaces. The receiver finds it hard to understand the audio and often complaints about softness and volume levels too. Now that’s a bummer.

Battery and connectivity: Does the job

The Indy carries about 4hrs of battery on each bud and 12hrs of battery encased in case, totaling it at a juicy 16hrs. Lift the lid to check the remaining battery from the three LED lights. (30%, 70%, 100%).

In a week’s testing, we charged it once and battery levels dropped to one LED light. If you own an iOS device, have a glance at the Bluetooth settings page and you’ll know how much juice remains.

We didn’t notice any kind of lag while YouTubing or Netflixing, but we found slight audio lag while streaming IGTV videos in particular. For some weird reason, it kept disconnecting while playing music, but that may depend on the device you’re using.

Apart from that, you can also walk around in your 2BHK apartment and not worry music getting jittery or disconnected if you’ve kept your phone in the bedroom.

Skullcandy Indy Verdict

The Skullcandy Indy promises a few good things for its asking price. It’s got the bass, a long lasting battery, a decent fit and comes in a variety of colours to wear from. It’s also got a few bad things like - plasticy hardware, poor microphone for calls, so-so connectivity and deep treble levels.

In terms of sheer audio quality it can’t please veteran audiophiles because it lacks that tonal balance, but you’re looking to headbang on bass, these will do justice.

The Indy is ideal for those who crave that ‘AirPod’ style without having to shelling out too much - or cross anything above the ₹10k budget. If you ask us, we’d save up a bit more and get the Galaxy Buds.

Stuff says... 

Skullcandy Indy review

As far as truly wireless earbuds go, the Indy struggles with a few niggles, but it can tempt buyers for its price and style
Good Stuff 
Great battery
Bassheads will enjoy
Sweat/ water resistant
Fits quite well with/without silicon eargels
Isolating design
Bad Stuff 
Poor microphone
Heavy treble
Case is too big
Micro USB charging