Sure, if you’re looking at a smart pair of wireless Sennheisers, part of you probably wants the Momentum 2.0 Wireless version. But they cost serious money. Jeremy Paxman in a bad mood serious. To drop under ₹20,000, you need to check out the Momentum In-ear Wireless instead.

These are luxury earphones with noise-blocking IEM earbuds attached to a neckband, one treated to a real leather finish. They’re dead snazzy. But while they look like a sport headset, these earphones really don’t work well for running. Why? Well the band is relatively heavy: start jogging and they gradually try to escape. It’s a bit of a design fail. Still, for walking to work they’re fine, and the fit of the earpieces is like that of the normal wired Momentum In-ear: just dandy.

Despite all the extra weight, the Sennheiser Momentum In-ear Wireless only nudge over the average battery life for a headphone of this style, with 10 hours per charge. A recharge takes a snappy 1.5 hours, though, and there’s both NFC and aptX, the higher-quality Bluetooth codec.

The design has some real highs and lows, then, but the sound is much more consistent and indeed very enjoyable. Classic Momentum fodder, it’s very rich and full-sounding, with greater scale than you might expect from a diddy little pair of earpieces. There’s plenty of detail, and low-bass power that gives music real weight without it seeming weighed-down or soggy. None of this is any great surprise, because Sennheiser has always been a master of headphone tuning. 

Without wanting to bump you down to Earth too suddenly, the Sennheiser Momentum In-ear Wireless sound isn’t true audiophile catnip, lacking some of the mid-range finesse required. But good luck finding a sensibly-priced wireless in-ear pair with that right now. These are about as close as you'll get at this price point.