Some headphones just fit. And we aren't just talking about how they feel on your noggin’. The looks are right, sound is spot-on, and for all that the price is, well, tolerable.

The original Sennheiser Momentums were a rare example (in our wise words, ‘the perfect pair of on-ears’) and we're pleasantly surprised that their sequel – the not-so-creatively named Momentum Wireless On-ears – pull off a The Godfather: Part II and prove even more thrilling.

Precise sound

The Hans-Zimmer-like opener of Suede's When You Are Young is as moody and menacing as it should be, the Sennheiser's throwing down the mic as the theatrical strings burst onto the scene. A pinpoint-precise soundstage puts you right in the middle of the action, and yo-yoing dynamics keep you there until the track tails off. 

As the next track, Outsiders, pounds into being, there’s the low-end power to tear into drubbing drums and bass tabs, and the flexibility and rhythmic, er, momentum to confidently deliver the expert-level-Guitar-Hero electric lines. Then there's the insight into Brett Anderson's gracefully elastic vocal, which is given space and scale to stretch its wings through the electrics. Suddenly the thought of paying through the nose for headphones doesn’t seem so bad…

Goldilocks padding

Dapper looks help soften the blow too. The headband’s stitched leather is fit for a king, and the ear cups’ buttery smooth, shimmery finish will no doubt attract a few jealous glances on the tube. Beats may be harbingers of street cred, but Sennheiser has class. The spongy ear pads hug your ears Goldilocks tight ('just right'), and while to the eye the headband seems to skimp on padding it’s actually baby-bottom soft. 

The door-chain-like sliding adjustment is loose enough to easily manipulate during wear too, though not enough to slip down unprovoked. Unlike the originals, the ear cups collapse inwards so you can flat pack them into a coat pocket just as easily as a gym bag. 

More good news: the supplied suede case has shrunk as a result. A three-button in-line remote hangs by your right jawbone, so you can tuck the cable under your coat and not have to worry about fumbling around for it when your mum checks in.

Just make sure you get the pair compatible for your device: AEG is for Android and Windows users (who get the choice of black or ivory colours), while Appleites need look for the AEi versions, which come in an additional brown finish.

Stuff says... 

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless On-ear review

Pricey but far from daylight robbery; the Momentum Wireless On-ear will have you smitten
Good Stuff 
Lively, hugely transparent sound
Class meets comfort
Pocket-friendly portability
Bad Stuff 
Quite dear