The Galaxy S9 was the best Galaxy phone to be recommended in the premium category until its bigger brother stole its thunder with newer tech making it the epitome of a 10th anniversary flagship smartphone.

Other than the ‘new tech’, the S10+ also brags of plenty of added horsepower and battery life for your everyday needs. Oh, and how can we forget, it comes fresh out of the box running on OneUI with Android Pie awesomeness. But the question still remains, should you upgrade to this year’s 10th anniversary king? Let’s get munching...

OS: Neat and clean

Finally, the Gods have heard us.

Samsung gathered its UX team to re-create a cleaner, lighter and less cartoonish UI. Running with sprinkles of Android Pie (9.0), OneUI’s been a smooth and pleasant ride, till now, in everyday usage. And if you’re a nocturnal creature, you’ll appreciate the system-wide dark mode.

Best part, Samsung’s shoved all its Galaxy apps into a box in the app drawer so you don’t have to. Talk about cleaning the clutter, eh?

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner reads the 3D contours of your thumb and requires a slight amount of pressure when unlocking. It isn’t as speedy as other optical scanners, but it’s super secure and unlocks with wet/dirty fingers even whilst the screen is turned off. It’s a 70% hit and 30% miss at most times, but the more you use it, the better it gets.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also an option to add your mug for speedy unlocking. It isn’t as secure as the iPhone X/Xs, but it’s handy when you don’t want to use press your thumb or type the password.

Camera: Say cheese

Samsung isn’t the camera king yet, but thanks to its NPU, using Scene Optimiser and Best Shot from its 12MP rear cam, it boils up a very nice looking photo with excellent exposure and saturation. It might not have the best detail and contrast in class, but can sure set your Insta page on instant fire.

Once you go wide, you can never hide. The 16MP 123˚ wide angle lens is a boon for videographers and photographers giving them more playground to capture. It lacks detail when zoomed in, but you can finally fit in the whole table, food and your silly cat at your family dinner!

Speaking of family dinners, you can also switch to the wide-angle selfie mode if you’re willing to get into the frame. Again, this isn’t the best selfie-camera, but it does the job and it’ll please aunties or your girlfriend’s gang of girls.

And unlike the S10, this one sports a 12MP Telephoto lens which comes in handy when you’re trying to capture the DJ when you’re far away from the stage.

Use Live Focus to bring all kinds of effects when you’re clicking portrait or bokeh shots. It’s pretty trippy and cool when you add effects like Spin, Zoom, and Colour point.

And hey, did we mention there’s an Instagram feature built right into the camera app? Once you click the picture, it directly takes you to the Insta’s story mode. Handy stuff.

We expected slightly more from the camera performance and quality, but nevertheless, it still is one of our top four smartphone shooters in the world and can offer everything a shutterbug of today’s time would fully appreciate and make full use of.




Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy S10+ review

Even after a decade of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung raises the bar, again, ticking all the boxes required to trump other flagship champions
Good Stuff 
Best in-class display
Blazing fast performance
Full day battery life
A videographers best friend
Premium looks and feel
OneUI is awesome and still very customisable
Bad Stuff 
Wide angle selfie isn’t wide enough
Rear cam could pinch in more details
Bixby is a bore