The lockdown has made us all deep-cleaning experts, but the backbreaking task has us crying for help.

While checking out expensive robotic vacuum cleaners on e-commerce websites has become a matter of habit, the hefty price tags have refrained most of us from spending steep sums. Holding on to each penny is the new mantra, and here’s a super solution to all your cleaning woes, without digging a deep hole in your pockets.

And cleaning, no doubt, is the current hot topic, one that often pops up even during our weekly zoom work meetings. And if cleaning woes are as widespread as the pandemic itself, why not give a new product a chance to prove its mettle.

Chinese company Roidmi has entered the Indian market for the first time, bringing on a direct, almost head-on competition to the Dyson V10. Cheaper than Dyson, but matching up in performance, the Roidmi F8 Storm FX has brought some much-needed respite to our cleaning routine. It eagerly gobbles up dust from all surfaces, is cord-free, comparatively easier on the pockets and a pretty reliable stick vacuum cleaner to help with your daily cleaning around the house


The new face of cordless vacuums is a pretty one, indeed. The sleek looks (pretty similar to that of the Dyson V-series vacuums) of this one don’t make you feel like you’ve compromised on quality by opting for a less expensive option. In fact, the looks lend it a higher perceived quality, given that your house hasn’t seen so much of you before cleaning became a harsh reality for us, and the trusted old jhadu has been breaking your back beyond words. 

The plastic body is soft to touch and yet sturdy, and is part of the main unit that houses the 300W digital motor and the bin, and yet, the weight of the machine isn’t overwhelming. This unit is the one that’s got all the controls in place (a depression under a rubber flab where the charging point hides, the rubber power button with two suction modes). There’s no trigger unlike the Dyson, and it’s actually better. None of the components are too heavy that a full battery-capacity-session of 40-plus minutes cannot be done without complaining. 

The Roidmi F8 Storm FX comes with a circular magnetic wall unit you can snap it on once done with the job, but in the absence of a handyman to install it, it can be stacked away in a corner or stored lying down. The charging isn’t restricted to a wall mount, unlike Dyson’s V8 and V10 models, making it’s storage and charging more mobile. 

It goes from stick to handheld in a matter of seconds, owing to the quick accessory changes (there aren’t too many options here, though) you can perform in-between cleaning sessions. The lights in the front of the main unit indicate battery life, and even though the majority of the material used in the body is plastic, the only plastic you feel is when you dislodge the dust bin to clean it.


The 300W digital motor does a neat 80,000 revs per minute and that’s sufficient for your daily cleaning sessions. The Multi-level dragon cyclone whirlwind duct system back technology is capable of collecting dust particles and more without making the eardrum-shattering sounds that are synonymous with vacuum cleaners. 

Roidmi claims to run for over 50 minutes on a full charge, but the Max mode output is under 10 minutes. Attachments are easy to replace, the cleaning head navigates smoothly and boasts of a 270-degree rotation that does a pretty decent job of cleaning hard-to-reach corners. What we did miss terribly was a dedicated flexible attachment that can suck dust out from crevices like the corners of window sliders, etc. 

The washable HEPA filter sits between the dirt collection bin and the bottom part of the unit where you attach all the parts manually, and the good folks at Roidmi have thrown in an extra filter so cleaning doesn’t stop in case one gets clogged.


Once you see how it sucks out dirt from parts of your house you considered ‘clean’, and realise the worth of your maid vis-a-vis a powerful sucker like this one, you’ll probably never hire her/him back. Now that would be stretching it too far, but given that it’s half the price of a Dyson V10, it’s surely going to make the rest of the bai-free time we have ahead of us smoother than it has been so far. 

As already mentioned, the battery runtime is decent enough to last through a thorough cleaning session, navigates easily between surfaces (thanks to the multi surface cleaning head, you can easily switch from hardwood to marble to a little bit of carpet in-between), the suction power shows signs of fatigue towards the time the LED battery indicator shows the last two points. You feel the drop in its energy levels by this point, but the machine is relentless at doing the job it’s made for. It soldiers on till its last breath. 

The one thing we didn’t approve in this otherwise good machine is the size and capacity of its dust collection bin, and the lack of ease when it comes to getting rid of the dirt you took so long to collect. Firstly, at 0.4L, bin capacity is way too low. Secondly, the plastic latch isn’t the smoothest... you’ve got to get your hands dirty to clean the bin on this one! There’s no escaping that.

Verdict: It’s money well spent

The Chinese have a way of simplifying things by copying the best at half the price, and that’s incredible value for your hard-earned money. Though not as powerful as a Dyson machine, the Roidmi is certainly not one you can dismiss as a cheap imitation. At best, it is an inexpensive option for those wanting a dust-free life but not at a sky-high price. 

Good on performance, looks and a machine that cleans your entire home in one go without stopping to catch a breath -- it checks all the right boxes. We couldn't ask for more, especially when it’s got all the qualities we need to wipe the scars the lockdown has left on us!

Tech Specs 
Rated Power
Noise (Low gear)
Lithium Battery Capacity
Suction Power
Dust Cup Capacity
Charging Time
2.5 hour
Brushless DC Motor
Stuff says... 

Roidmi F8 Storm FX review

The perfect cleaner that fits in most budgets, especially when you’re fed up of barking commands at your spouse and he still leaves a corner unclean
Good Stuff 
Decent suction and cleaning power
Multi surface cleaning head that goes across surfaces with ease
One touch mode operation
Lightweight and silent
Value for money
Bad Stuff 
Small dust bin
Fewer attachment options make it less versatile