Slowly but steadily increasing its popularity in the Indian headphones market, RHA has for us its latest wireless tune punter – the RHA MA650 Wireless. The MA650 wireless is the re-invented version of the MA600 and boasts features like a 12 hour battery life, IPX4 water-resistance and a build that consists of some feisty materials.

Designed in Scotland, these wireless buds take inspiration from ancient musical instruments but do every bit to look like they belong in 2018. The cables are what RHA calls SecureFlex, which are pretty solid and lend to the entire sweat-resistant nature of the headphones.

RHA MA650 Wireless: Design and Build

Built from high-grade aluminium, it doesn’t take long to realize the amazing build quality that the MA650 exuberate. Even the silicone band feels premium and a class above. These could easily be confused for a pair that costs upwards of 10,000. The aluminium, although lightweight, feels premium and a notch above the similarly priced competition. The ear buds also feature a magnet each that helps keep them stuck around your neck when you’re not using them.

The battery is obviously housed in the neckband and charges via USB Type C. The in-line remote unit shares the similar silver fascia of the buds and the rubberised navigation buttons have a reassuring ‘click’ to them. The cables have gone through some extra steel reinforcement that lends them rigidity and durability. Although they come with a carry pouch, we’re confident they’ll come out unscathed if you throw them in your backpack just like that.

RHA MA650 Wireless: Performance

Before we delve into the audio aspect of it, you should know that there’s a host of ear tips to choose from, including some really good foam tips from Comply. We find those the best. However, we do feel the wires are a tad too long and unless you happen to be an audiophile giraffe, they will get in the way when you’re jogging about. Yes, we do throw in a joke now and then. But play Man in the Long Black Coat and we know the MA650 isn’t joking around.

You’re greeted to a dollop of detail and a well pronounced low end, but that doesn’t mean these are ‘bass-heavy’. The bass notes have a healthy amount of heft that lingers at the edge, but never overpowers the rest of the frequencies. There’s a sort of healthy balance that slightly tilts towards a more pronounced lower-end. However, even with the slightly pronounced low-end, bass lovers might want to look elsewhere for their ultimate bass fix.

The RHA MA650 Wireless provides a warm sound for sure but we can’t help feel that a little more detail and finesse would do wonders here. We play Don’t Let Me Get Lonely by The Record Company and the opening bass lines, while full of authority don’t sound the crispest and could do with some more polishing, but then, that’s what the RHA MA750 Wireless are for.

RHA MA650 Wireless: Verdict

We find it a little strange to say this about a Bluetooth headphone, albeit of the aptX kind, but the MA650 makes for a really fun listen even though it could do with a bit more finesse. But put on your favourite tunes on and before you know it, you’ll be tapping your foot away song after song for a good 12 hours. Now that’s something special at just ₹7999.

Tech Specs 
Custom Dynamic Model 380.1
Frequency Response
AAC, aptX, SBC
NFC, Bluetooth
12 hours
Sweat-Proof IPX 4
Stuff says... 

RHA MA650 Wireless review

Great design, great build and a sound that should cost a lot more – the MA650 are great wireless headphones
Good Stuff 
Warm sound
Great Build
Good Looks
12 hour battery life
Bad Stuff 
Little more definition required