27 October 2018 / 13:56IST

Apple iPhone XR review

The most affordable iPhone for 2018 has some of the most useful features
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Apple iPhone 8 review

Apple’s latest smartphone is here and we’ve spent just over a week with it....
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Apple watchOS 3 review

Apple's wearable OS finally sorts out its navigation problems
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Apple iPhone 6s Plus review

Is the 6s Plus any more than just a scaled up 6s? Well this time round it...
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Apple Music review

Can the company that gave the world iTunes and the iPod cut it in the...
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iPhone 5c review

"Beautifully, unapologetically plastic". Yeah, right. But if you...
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Apple iOS 8 review

Our fingers dance all over iOS 8 to see if it's Apple's best mobile...
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Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

The iPhablet is here. But is it very good or just very big?
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