Meet the more athletic of the full-sized Range Rover siblings.

It starts at a ‘reasonable’ 93.82 lac going all the way up to 1.64 crore (ex-showroom, obviously). You can always opt for the ultra luxury Range Rover that starts at 1.66 crore but what if you’re the kind of person who’s always in a bit of a hurry? Well, the Range Rover Sport exists to answer that exact burning question that bothers many of us on a daily basis.

The Sport, as we shall refer to it henceforth, has been through a tidy facelift to give it a modern day makeover while still staying true to its most legendary traits. This particular one we’ve sampled is specced with a turbo-diesel V6 pumping out 258hp and 600Nm of torque. Think of it as luxury with some legs on it. But is that all it is? Oh how we live to answer these questions for you. Research purposes strictly…


Range Rover Sport: Interiors

Things haven’t changed drastically. And that’s a good thing. If your legs have grown to unreasonable lengths such as mine, you’ll appreciate all the room there is for them at the money seat. It’s an intoxicating place to be propping you up on plush seats that give you a glorious view of the road ahead. You’re bathed in tech toys all around with a large screen behind the wheel, and two on the dash with tilt assist that banishes glares from the sun.

When you pay top buck for your beast, you can expect top quality all around and in that regard the Sport doesn’t disappoint one bit. Everything oozes quality down to the last detail be it the leather, switches, textured metal, touch-sensitive controls or the quality of screens around you. CarPlay / Android Auto would’ve rounded up the tech treats to perfection but you’ll be far too distracted by what’s already on-board to notice.

Your infotainment butler is christened the InControl Touch Pro Duo which we first experienced on a pretty young thing known as the Velar. All three screens around the driver are crisp as can be with slick graphics for every sort of control. Duties have been divided on the dash with the top screen handling music/navigation and such while the bottom screen takes care of climate control, seat adjustment and driving modes to name a few.

Range Rover: Exteriors

To project its true intentions, the Sport packs a ton of style cues to match its tag. So you can see at night like it’s bright as the day, there’s a new full LED headlamp cluster up front. Top spec variants get the full experience in the form of ‘Pixel LED’ adaptive beams. The Sport makes its presence felt without really shouting from rooftops.

New bumpers front and back add to its appeal and clearly differentiate it from its more sophisticated family members. It’s rocking pumped up kicks with whopping 21in wheels so you make a proper entry everywhere you go. Save for the new bits, the Sport still retains those perfect proportions and iconic silhouette. It’s like a gentle giant that could crush you to a pulp but pleasantly surprises you with its mild manners.


Range Rover Sport: Performance

Those mild manners are all but forgotten when you put your foot down and latch onto the luxurious steering wheel. A ton comes up on the crisp instrument cluster in a little over seven seconds, but for a car carrying this much mass, that’s a fierce sprint. The exhaust note sheds its silent persona and out comes a beast growling from the V6 diesel at its core.

Climbing through 8-speed automatic feels nice and smooth while the weight gathers momentum with furious pace. You’re going to need more grunt up front for it to truly feel like a sports car but the Sport does full justice to its tag given all its vitat stats. If you’re looking for the pinnacle of responsiveness, you’ll feel a bit shortchanged.

The Sport on the other hand strikes a nice balance between luscious luxury and absolute savagery. It carries its name with pure class without compromising on its trademark characteristics in any way. Steering feels precise yet relaxed without really pushing you too hard. More sportiness is delivered through the firm air suspension that keeps body control in check.

Here’s what sets the Range Rover apart from any SUV claiming outright responsiveness. It’s when the roads end and dirt begins. The Sport stays true to its core qualities with off-road abilities that are just in a league of its own. It’ll comfortably glide over our godforsaken roads (or what’s left of it) without so much as a peep.

More tech toys have been thrown in in the form of radar-based features such as adaptive cruise control, collision warning system as well as lane-keeping assist. Blinding rains combined with lighting strikes in 360 surround could seem like the end of the world. Certainly did to us when we found ourselves in that exact situation. Enter the Sport’s comfortingly calm demenaour to the rescue.


Ok so it isn’t as luxurious as its pricier sibling and it isn’t as dynamic on-road or as pretty as the Velar. What is one to do with it then? See here’s JLR philosophy for you. Every model has a ton of options so there’s literally a Range Rover for everyone. Well, everyone who can stomach the sticker shock that comes with it, obviously.

But you aren’t easily shocked are you? You just want maximum bang for your buck and the Sport aims to offer that in every way it can. It moves like no other full-sized Rangie. It packs all the tech toys its siblings benefit from. It’s never afraid to get down and dirty with incredible off-road abilities. And it certainly doesn’t scream look at me warranting any unnecessary attention. Instead, it delivers on all its promises dutifully and does so like only a Range Rover can.

Stuff says... 

Range Rover Sport 2018 review

Brisk without compromising on its beauty or off-road brilliance
Good Stuff 
Will. Go. Anywhere.
Lights turn night to day
Swift while still being sophisticated
Bad Stuff 
No Android Auto / CarPlay
Dynamics can be outdone