An otter’s den is called a couch.

It only but makes sense that your new smartphone deserves a case just as comfortable. Especially after you have one in your palm, thanks to spending sleepless nights and begging your friends, family members and colleagues for an invite. The OnePlus 2 packs a punch and sports a classy design. Which is why it would hurt if you happen to drop it or scratch it accidentally. Help is here though, thanks to OtterBox’s new rugged case for your beloved phone. They were kind enough to send us a sample and here is what we felt about it.

While the otter species do not come in many eye-catching colours, the case does. Colour combinations include Snow Fire, Night Shadow, Glacier, Black; the cover is a two-fold design. The dual-layer shell is made up of a tough layer on the outside, with an Otter claw slash on the rear, giving it a bit of Otter genuinity and also adding to the overall look, with a soft yet thick silicone on the inside. This offers multiple layers of protection. At 48.1 grams, it does add some weight to your smartphone, but it is probably worth it.

The cover feels grippy to hold and is mostly pocketable, as long as your denims aren’t extreme-level skinny. Otter has managed to maintain a good level of build and finish, which means the cover looks classy and will not spoil the look of your OnePlus 2 device. Probably one thing that could improve is the way the silicone grip covers the bottom of the device. Since it rises above the bottom, accessing the fingerprint scanner does get tricky in a very miniscule way.

You can order the case from the Otter Asia website and they will ship it for free. For ₹1,699, it offers good value for money and looks pretty neat in the hands. So, yeah, go Otter on OnePlus 2.