OnePlus Concept One: The future is here

The novel Concept One is a result of the long-standing partnership between OnePlus and legendary supercar maker McLaren Automotive

Everyone loves futuristic concept cars. But what if you could get that same design flair, next-generation styling, and gorgeous looks in a smartphone?

Well, OnePlus has done exactly that. In yet another headline-grabbing move that has stunned design fans, India’s favourite premium smartphone brand has launched the utterly sexy OnePlus Concept One. Its resemblance to a supercar isn’t a coincidence as the novel Concept One is a result of the long-standing partnership between OnePlus and legendary supercar maker McLaren Automotive. Nextgen tech you won’t find anywhere else, attention to usability and the finer details, and above all, looks that take your breath away. Yup, OnePlus has done it again!


OnePlus is no stranger to the use of exotic and premium materials in its smartphones. Bamboo? Wood? Ceramic? Alcantara? Matt-frosted glass? OnePlus was the first to ever use such materials. Now, this trend-setting brand has harnessed Electro Chromic Glass to create an optical-grade solution that looks good, feels good, and adds capabilities. In less than 0.7s, the EC glass at the rear turns from solid to completely clear.


Two legends join hands! ­ That’s the story of OnePlus and renowned F1 team and supercar maker McLaren Automotive . Now, the OnePlus Concept One smartphone uses the same papaya orange leather used on the McLaren 720S supercar, while the use of EC glass is inspired by McLaren’s Electrochromic sunroof that uses this remarkable type of glass to create a no-fuss, futuristic sunroof that has wowed car nuts since it first made an appearance!


­The EC Glass used in the Concept One has some really practical benefits: It gives you a polariser for your smartphone camera, a feature that’ll boost your social media game like nothing else. As any shutterbug knows, a polariser can help cut reflections, deepen skies, and add so much depth to any image. Meanwhile, it also acts as an ND filter, letting you take silky-smooth waterfall images and long-exposure shots even in bright sunlight. No DSLR needed!


­The Concept One might be a concept at this stage, but it’s an actual, powerful, fire-breathing flaghip: Inside beats the heart of the amazing OnePlus 7T Pro. Yes, with that powerful processor, slick 90Hz display, faster-than-lightning pop-up selfie cam and a powerful triple camera system at the back. Shows just how very serious OnePlus is about getting this tech to the smartphones we use as soon as possible. Come on OnePlus, make it happen soon!


Why are design and tech gurus so excited by the OnePlus Concept One? Th­e answer is simple: A futuristic, forward-looking sense of design that far outpaces and outclasses the competition. And the use of technology to improve usability as well as aesthetics. For example, the soft leather covering the back enhances visual appeal as well as comfort, while the EC Glass that protects the rear cameras also boosts ‘hand-feel’ and creates a cohesive, minimalist, clean sense of design not found in any other smartphone. Revolutionary, isn’t it?


­The EC Glass used in the Concept One meets the exacting requirements of camera lenses. It’s the most transparent EC Glass available, and there’s even an anti-reflective coating to minimise any optical aberration.


­The OnePlus Concept One’s EC Glass back takes just 0.7s to change from solid to completely clear. An impossibly slim profile. Over eight months of intensive development, over 100 options tested... Just what you’d expect.