Looking for an Immersive Gaming Experience?

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People have started flocking towards larger than life gaming experiences to cool off after a hectic day at work or simply indulge as a hobby. Both good enough reasons to snatch the latest BenQ gaming and entertainment monitors. And if you’re the aristocrat type then BenQ also delivers the best gaming experiences through its gaming projectors. So whether you’re looking to rip and tear in Doom Eternal at 144Hz or just sit back and soak in the scenery of Breath of the Wild. BenQ has the perfect option for you at various price points.

Benq EW3280U

There’s no better companion for the Xbox Series X and PS5 than the EW3280U 4K gaming monitor. Spreading its pixels as wide as 32in, this HDRi monitor comes with audio-visual features that the latest consoles can take advantage of, something that is not possible on other gaming monitors. HDRi (High Dynamic Range plus auto-brightness control) and DCI-P3 (95%) features give you deeper blacks and richer colors for Netflix Binge-Watching sessions and Graphically Rich Games alike without straining the eyes from long exposures.

Benq EX2780Q

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, the EX2780Q is the perfect monitor for competitive and cinematic games. The 144Hz monitor will run your favourite games on 2K resolution and in HDRi. The super-resolution feature will automatically detect a gaming console and offer 4K resolution when it’s needed. It’s VESA certified HDRi technology gives you flexible modes to easily identify enemies from back-ground in a game by adjusting the levels of blacks and color saturation. Console gamers looking for immersive sound will be happy to know that the EX2780Q comes with a 2.1 channel TreVolo speakers and sub-woofer.


Mobiuz EX2510

Getting a bit serious for gaming? BenQ’s sub-brand of gaming monitors can churn out games at a silky-smooth 144Hz and keep that at 1 ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) for accurate and precise control. So whether it’s Valorant, CS:GO or Spider-Man Miles Morales, the Mobiuz EX2510 is ideal for all. But wait! There’s more. With 99% sRGB Color Gamut, the Gaming Visuals appear stunning! Features like HDRi and treVolo speakers (2.5W X 2) offer better colour and immerse sound for a gaming experience like no other.


Taking the gaming experience a bit further are BenQ’s low input lag projectors that offer the big picture benefits of a projector and also retain the instant feedback from your controller. So games that require precise dodges and timely attacks will not suffer here ever. BenQ’s commitment to accurate colours can be witnessed on both TH585 and W1210ST with their REC709 colour reproduction. This means that they can produce all of the col-ours in an HD signal accurately.



TH585’s 3500 Lumens High Brightness and 16ms Low Input Lag is apt for Console Gaming in well-lit rooms. With a huge screen size of up to 200”, you can be assured that your Battle Royale skirmishes truly feel Royale!


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