A close look at the new Honor 5C

A cutting-edge processor, great cameras and a nifty OS make it quite the star
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The Honor 5C’s been making waves even ahead of its launch in India. Its speedy-yet-efficient Kirin 650 processor, sharp-as-a-pin cameras and fantastic battery life really do help it stand out. Perhaps it’s time for a closer look at what makes this new star tick.

Good phones abound in the market, but what are you to do when you absolutely, positively, won’t settle for anything less than the best? Then you gotta get something that has it all - looks to make your friends envious, power that can take care of even the newest games, battery life that lasts you well into the next day and a software experience that makes using the phone a breeze. Guess what, you might be in luck as the Honor 5C is now here!

Designed smart

The days of faceless mobile phones are long over. And firmly shutting this door on this trend is the Honor 5C. It’s made of aviation-grade alloy, making it lightweight and resilient enough to cope with an active lifestyle. And for those of you who find massive phablets unwieldy, the 5C’s finely machined body and curved edges make it quite suited to single-handed use (so you can easily sip a cappuccino while tapping out WhatsApp messages).

Turn it back around, and you get a crisp, Full HD, 5.2in display with vibrant colours and enough brightness to laugh at the harsh summer sun. In essence, it looks good - in every way.

Inner strength

There’s a secret ingredient inside the Honor 5C that makes it a force to be reckoned with - its Kirin 650 processor. This 64-bit, octa-core processor is based on a next-gen 16nm process. What that means for the user is that it takes up less power, helping boost battery life to a level the competition can’t hope to match. Even better, it’s more efficient, so less energy is wasted as heat, which means it won’t slow down when pushed to the limit for extended periods of time. So, no lag, no slowdowns, just hours and hours of non-stop gaming. And speaking of gaming, there’s a Mali T-830 GPU inside, which delivers a 100% increase in graphic chomping power over its predecessors.

Pair all this with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage (which is expandable, of course) and you get a device that manages to tick all the boxes: gaming, multitasking and media consumption. And since it’s got a super-fast fingerprint scanner, your data’s safe as houses.

Clicky here, quick

The 5C’s camera is yet another reason to get this new Android beast. A 13MP, f/2.0 sensor that excels under low-light conditions makes this one heck of a traveller's phone. All this is backed by SmartImage 3.0 image processing, which gives you cool filters and fancy modes (light painting, anyone?), and best of all, a full, proper, no-holds-barred pro / manual mode.

And don’t worry if you’re more of a selfie fan: The 8MP front camera with its wide angle lens and prime Image processor will make sure you’re looking as cool as possible on your Facebook profile pic.


Can’t get enough of EMUI

A smartphone’s not just about the hardware. It takes some serious OS chops to get the experience just right. And that’s what Honor’s done here. The 5C’s EMUI 4.1 OS is based on Android’s latest version - Marshmallow - and comes with a UI that makes life easy. You get to customise it the way you want and navigating around is a breeze.

But EMUI isn’t just a pretty face - sure, it looks gorgeous, but it’s also the smartest kid on the block: SmartPower 3.0 optimisations give the Honor 5C an extra-long battery life, the fingerprint scanner can be used to take photos, and there’s a floating dock so you’re never more than a tap away from your fav app. 

Who’s this aimed at?

You! Okay, the 5C has such a well-balanced feature set, you’re almost guaranteed to love it. It’s got the muscle that gamers expect (and stays cool even when you push it to the limit), a camera to keep travel nuts happy, battery life that’ll be more than enough even for the busiest executive, hardware and software even the finickiest design buff can appreciate, and a price that’ll just make you smile.