Oppo shocked the world when it announced the Find X, a smartphone that not only dropped jaws with its unbelievably flawless looks but also had the performance to match.

More memorable was the rising camera assembly that also included a 3D scanner for facial recognition. Apart from what already was a work of art, standing still, the rising camera was indeed the highlight feature that would catapult Oppo’s popularity from a Chinese smartphone brand to the ranks of Samsung and Apple.

So how do you outdo such an impressive smartphone? Well, there were a couple of flaws with the original. No wireless charging. Moving parts meant no IP rating and a fairly slim build with hidden cameras meant that image quality took a hit. And that’s how we have the Find X2 Pro. It seems to be up for the challenge with an IP rating, a jaw-dropping QHD+ 120Hz 1 billion colour OLED display and the fastest charging speeds known to man. In a rather confused ultra-premium smartphone space this year, this one’s going for gold!

Sadly, it’s not up for sale in India. For reasons best known to Oppo, the Chinese smartphone maker went ahead and only launched the Find X2. The X2 is a slightly watered-down version of X2 Pro mostly in terms of the camera hardware and materials used in the design.

But since I received a ceramic black review unit of the Oppo Find X2 Pro well in advance, I decided to go ahead and give you an idea about what Oppo’s ultra-premium smartphone feels like. So here’s a review of a smartphone you will never be able to get your hands on.

Design and Build

The lustrous black option not only looks luxurious but feels different too thanks to the fine grating texture that also adds a bit of grip to the tall and heavy (217g) smartphone. And it definitely feels a lot less chubbier than Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra. According to Oppo, the back is made of two types of ceramic, with one half giving out a soft feel and the other a slightly rougher one. All of this contributes to that lustrous look and a unique handfeel that’s soft but also grips the ridges of your fingerprints quite nicely. And despite the 5x optical periscopic zoom and 60x digital zoom, this one manages to remain quite slim. But more on this later.

Unlike the fancy Find X, this one pretty much looks like the regular chocolate bar form factor that everyone else has settled at. There’s no motorised rising camera action either, but that’s a good thing as this matured design now gets you an IP68 rating, meaning you can jump into a pool with it and it will live to tell your tale.

The top receiver speaker is barely visible and there’s no notifications LED either. Every time you get a notification, you will be forced to stop and stare at that mesmerising display glow from the edges; the same way bugs get attracted to a UV light. Or you could just miss it! Problem is that the display lighting effect will, strangely, notify you just once and nothing more. While other brands have aped this feature and added to it, Oppo still pulls it off in the most good-looking way, like it did with the Find X.

A quick glance at the competition in the premium range and it’s easy to say that the Find X2 Pro looks and feels like nothing else on the market in India right now. Still, I’m pretty sure that the Vegan Leather variant would have done better justice to that ultra-premium price tag.

Display and audio

With 1 billion colours to display, the colours are as natural-looking as they can get on a smartphone. It’s fast too at 120Hz refresh rate and the O1 Ultra Vision upscaling engine will bump up the frames to make your standard videos look smoother. Just that it’s not a consistent performer. Still, I would not call it a gimmick. I often felt tempted to switch it on every time I was streaming a flick, just for kicks.

The display is mighty bright and indoors during the day, it mostly ran at a mere 30 percent brightness of what it’s actually capable of, which would be blinding for me, indoors. Outdoors, things worked delightfully well in the sense that it’s bright enough to watch a movie or game on, under direct sunlight.

This new Find goes with a dual speaker setup and they pack in quite a punch and can get quite loud. But the clarity is maintained even at max volume. Still, the balance is a bit off with the bottom firing primary giving it a slightly one-sided effect.

Performance and Software

The Find X2 Pro checks all the boxes you can think off when it comes to performance. There’s a flagship standard Snapdragon 865 chipset paired with a healthy 12GB of RAM that’s good enough to run any game you can throw at it or multi-task to your heart’s content. And it does not warm up even after a good hour of COD: Mobile. There’s also 512GB of internal storage that’s more than enough for storing all those 4K 60fps videos you can shoot using this phone. In short, it’s almost overkill when you compare it with a Galaxy S20 Utra, the Fold, the Z Flip and definitely the Motorola RAZR.

Software too is quite sorted. Oppo’s recently launched ColorOS 7.1 makes its way in here and brings with it a much-need dark mode. ColorOS delivers Android 10 in a neat and polished way. There’s minimal bloat (no ads or promotions) and the UI feels fluid and buttery smooth with absolutely no hiccups, especially when you are running it all at QHD+ resolution at a juicy 120Hz.

It is infinitely customisable (down to the icon design) and then there’s the dark mode that can force itself on apps that don’t support it. From the tiny nudges and bumps while flicking switches to the natural sound selection of the ringtones, Oppo has made good use of that massive haptic motor all over the UI. It all feels precise and classy. On a side note, I also appreciate how the brand has tastefully selected wallpapers for its OS; there’s loads of gorgeous live wallpapers that one can try out.


n broad daylight, images come out vibrant and crisp with good dynamic range and detail. No matter what you want to shoot, this phone can handle it like no other. It’s no perfectionist like the Huawei P30 Pro, nor a Google Pixel 3XL when it comes to textures, but it does pull off video a lot better than either. There’s even a LiveHDR recording mode, but it gets you jittery footage so it's better to stick to the standard recording, which gets you clear and buttery smooth footage.




Move indoors and the noise begins to creep in and that coupled with Oppo’s aggressive noise reduction at times leads to little to no details, especially when capturing faces or portraits. I noticed this was mainly a problem only with faces or fast moving objects like my sprightly 4-year-old nephew or my 5-month-old daughter. If you are shooting anything else, things turn out quite nice (because they are steady). I loved how sharp and detailed food photos came out despite the odd lighting situations. Looks like Oppo has done its homework here.

Focussing is blazing fast with omnidirectional PDAF (like on the OnePlus 8 Pro), and the camera setup does a good enough job to hold it altogether in low or ambient lighting as well. There’s also a Night Mode that gets you clearer and brighter photos of yourself and what’s in front of you. But since it gets so bright, I would advise using it only when scenes get too dark.

As for the Hybrid Zoom 2.0, it does well in daylight, getting you usable photos till 5x optical zoom, and it does a good job of shooting detailed photos in dim lighting as well. It’s just that the images look a bit flat at 5x. What I really liked here is how the camera maintains the same white balance and colour tones till 60x. I absolutely dig the Hybrid Zoom when shooting videos. It literally lets you get close to the action up to 5x optical and 10x digital without deteriorating the image quality too much. This works quite well indoors as well, but things get a bit too murky in low light.

All-in-all the Find X2 Pro is not just a gigantic jump from the Find X, but even rubs shoulders with ultra-premium flagships launched in India this year.

Battery life

At QHD+ resolution and 120Hz, the 4260mAh (2x2130mAh) unit will last you a proper work day. And as mentioned earlier, it’s quite slim at 8.8mm. This is because there’s no wireless charging built into the back. But before you fret about the lack of wireless charging on an ultra-premium smartphone, read on.

Running at FHD+ at 120Hz, the X2 Pro will easily last you more than a day provided you don’t play any games. The bottomline is that battery life is pretty good with a screen-on time of 7 hours on FHD+. At 120Hz and QHD+ resolution, the display will suck up battery and it’s a tough decision to switch to anything lower given how gorgeous it looks and feels at the highest settings. But the fun begins when the battery goes down to zero. Plug in that 65W charger and this one goes from 0-25% in 5 minutes, 45% in 10 minutes to 100% in just 38 minutes! And it oddly remains cool while pulling off this feat. Yeah, there’s no wireless charging action on the X2 Pro, but with insanely fast wired speeds like this, do you really need it?


It’s safe to say that there is no other smartphone like the Oppo Find X2 Pro today. In the ultra-premium segment where things have gotten a bit stale, the Find X2 Pro is a matured successor to the Find X and a breath of fresh air when it comes to design, even though it sticks to the basics. In short, it is a true all-rounder we had been waiting for.

But the bottomline is that you can’t buy one as it’s not officially sold out here. And the standard X2 (₹64,990) will not be anywhere close to the Pro in the camera and design department either.

Going by the international pricing for this flagship smartphone, it’s priced at around €1199 (around ₹1,02,000 before taxes, obviously), which strictly falls in the territory of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (which has its own hardcore customers), and the folding flagships. And at the given price, the Samsung Z Flip does look like a cooler choice solely because of its folding form factor.

If you skip on the Hybrid Zoom setup, 65W charging and the ceramic back, you would honestly end up with a OnePlus 8 Pro that sells for a tempting ₹54,999. So it totally depends on whether you need the extra features and have deep pockets.

If you are coming from the iPhone side of things and you are looking for a worthy droid, all the extra features are worth the price tag... if you can get your hands on one!

Tech Specs 
6.7in 120Hz 1 billion colour AMOLED
Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
Rear camera
48MP + 13MP + 48MP
Selfie camera
Stuff says... 

Oppo Find X2 Pro review

The best Android smartphone money can buy... if you have deep pockets
Good Stuff 
Wow display
Grippy design
Best-in-class charging speeds
Dual speakers
Hybrid zoom camera
Video recording
Quick in-display fingerprint reader
ColorOS 7.1 is quite customisable
Gaming beast
Bad Stuff 
You can’t buy one in India