Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 20 gadget gift ideas for Apple fans

From Pro keyboards to slide-on snapcessories, here’s our list of the top gifts for Cupertino chums

We all know that certain someone who’s as good as fused to their favourite iAccessory. They’ll only put down Bejeweled on their iPhone to browse eBay on a Watch. Their iPad only gets a rest when they're busy salivating over the latest MacBook.

Any contraption that comes out of Cupertino - no matter the price - they want it, need it and, probably, have it. But, once one’s bought all the aluminium-skinned super-tech there is to buy, what’s left to slake a thirst for Apple-flavoured kit?

The answer, of course, is to accessorise. Whether cool cases or wireless charging wizardry, photographic add-ons or ‘Book-hugging mounts, we’ve collected the best in iExtras to compliment your cool-to-touch iOS tech. Enjoy.


Don't let your powerbank look as boring and out-dated as the iPhone. 

Okay this 10,000mAh powerbank might look retro but it's not boring at all. Fuse some retro jam into your powerbank. Just don’t forget to unplug your headphones first...

Buy the Remax Vintage audio Cassette powerbank here

IDUOS (₹3,670)

The latest kit to come out of Cupertino might pack 4K shooting skills and W1 chipset, but it still lacks dual sim functions.

Rejoice! This dinky bluetooth device will give your iPhone dual-sim capabilities. Call, message and even use it as a remote camera shutter. Sweet.

Buy the iDuos here

Leef iBridge (from ₹6,999)

So long, 64GB iPhone. As we curse the inadequate capacity of our 32GB model, shaking our fist at those flush enough to afford the 128GB or - sit down - the 256GB iteration, we'll mourn your retirement with sadness. We might even Tweet a crying emoji.

If you'd rather be happy this Christmas, though, you could pick up Leef's iBridge. A memory stick that plays nice with Lightning ports, it'll expand your Apple smartphone's storage by anything from 16GB to 256GB. Sure, it's a bit of a bulky solution - but it beats the weeping.

Buy the Leef iBridge here

Apple TV (from ₹17,900)

Its maker may have previously referred to it as a 'hobby', but the latest version of the Apple TV is anything but a sideshow.

Now equipped with its own App Store and native tvOS apps, as well as the obvious streaming options - Netflix and the like - you'll find games aplenty, many of which are playable with the Siri Remote. If you're already immersed in a world of Apple, it's pretty darn close to a must-buy.

Buy Apple TV here

Brydge 9.7 (₹17,572)

Apple’s iPad keyboard cases are surprisingly decent - but you can’t beat the feeling of a proper QWERTY number under your digits. Brydge’s lightweight Bluetooth clickers are designed to match the hue of your iPad - and its size: there are bigger and smaller models available for other models.  

With laptop-like backlit keys and a 3-month rechargeable battery, proper hinges mean you can slam the thing shut when you really mean business. Just mind your fingers, eh?

Buy the Brydge 9.7 here

Rain Design mStand for MacBook (₹4,347)

Gifted someone a new MacBook? Aren't they a lucky thing. But, before long, it won't be enough: they'll need somewhere suitably fancy to stick it as they inspect its sharp lines and smooth curves.

Thankfully, you can buy them the mStand: hewn from a single, solid piece of aluminium - to perfectly match their MacBook baby - it'll raise their Apple laptop to new heights (6in, to be precise) whilst improving airflow, too.

Buy the Rain Design mStand for MacBook here

Griffin iTrip Clip (₹1,409)

Not even Santa can gift iPhone 7 owners a headphone socket for Christmas. Sure, he could stick a pair of Bluetooth headpones in their stocking - but the big guy isn't made of money.

Save him the trouble and pick up Griffin's iTrip Clip for just twenty quid. It'll add Bluetooth smarts to any pair of cans your friend has lying around, so Mr Christmas can bring some fancy Bluetooth buds for you, instead.

Buy the Griffin iTrip Clip here

SteelSeries Nimbus (₹6,232)

Know someone who can't get enough of gaming on their iPad? There’s no beating this bluetooth button basher for their Apple tab.

Pressure-sensitive pads mean precise pedal pushing in Real Racing 3, alongside analogue triggers and dual joysticks that deliver the goods to master Faster Than Light.

Even better, if your square eyes can take it, the Nimbus will be your palm-filling pal for more than 40 hours, from a single, speedy charge. Steely indeed.

Buy the SteelSeries Nimbus here

Parrot Bebop 2 (₹62,900)

Dinky drones don’t come much easier to enjoy than this Wi-Fi flier from Parrot. Sure, it's a little pricey but, weighing in at a meagre 500g, it's truly a go-anywhere craft.

Equipped with a wide-angle lens that'll happily capture HD footage, Parrot's second Bebop effort is ideal for aerial artists. It'll reach speeds of more than 56.33km and can fly sky-high for up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

You can control it with your fingers from an iDevice or, better still, opt for the FPV goggles and be at one with your drone.

Buy the Parrot Bebop here