Samsung’s Galaxy Watch2 4G lets you ditch your smartphone

Your notifications will still find you
27 December 2019 / 11:09IST

We all love our smartphones, but at times you really want to leave everything behind and stay disconnected during a workout or while meditating. Well, that’s exactly what Samsung’s Galaxy Watch2 4G was not designed to do! This 4G-enabled smartwatch keeps you connected at all times, delivering notification after notification whether you are jogging through the woods or down crowded city streets. Thanks to its 4G radios, this smartwatch remains connected whether or not your smartphone is around. While it is designed to keep you connected, you can always switch off the notifications or just choose to receive the ones you need, so that you can focus on your fitness and filter out the clutter. Priced at ₹35,990, the Galaxy Watch Active2 4G comes with a 44mm steel dial and is available in silver, black and gold finishes.