The fast and the glorious

We really liked the Nikon D810 when it was launched more than a year back. It offered some real improvements over the D800 and was priced well too. Now, Nikon has wiped all of that off the slate and dropped the D850 upon us. We’re more excited than a four year old waiting for dessert at the dinner table!





Design - Intuitively yours

The D850 is a massive upgrade when compared to the trusted D810, which mind you, is still a popular camera, Design-wise, the major difference is that the D850 gets rid of the pop-up flash which some might frown over, but we aren’t complaining. We did not have much time to spend with the camera and had to start using it from the word go thanks to the North East drive we ventured into.

However, the brilliant button placement and intuitive control via touchscreen ensured it was a stress-free affair.One of the reasons you won’t have any issues in using the D850 for the entire day and into the night is because of the way all the necessary buttons and dials are placed. Great job.


Features - Pile on the best

The new Expeed 5 chipsetry on the inside ensures a lag-free experience when you crank up the pace using burst mode or when you shoot slow-mo 4K videos. While you get to shoot at 7.5fps in the standard mode, you can attach this battery pack to raise that to 9fps and boost, well, battery life. Pretty neat eh?

While the absence of a Compact Flash card slot might hurt some feelings, the Nikon D850 fills the void by offering a fast UHS-II format SD, and an even faster XQD format card slot.Still, one of the features we will be using most is the lovely flip-out 3.2in LCD screen.


Image Quality -No evil Ex here

With a 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor, this thing can capture light and how! While that number does look great on paper, it is only when you actually blow up an image you’ve shot, on screen, you realize the ridiculous capabilities of it. Images are ultra-sharp, packed with more detail than you can imagine. The D850 does a cracking job of capturing the little details, dynamic range, hues and so on.

We absolutely love the way this camera handles its metering. Shift to Shutter priority and you get exposures that are brilliantly balanced. When required (when you move from a sun-lit area to under heavy shadow) simply adjust the ex-comp accordingly.

The 153-point Auto focus system is super-fast and it helps when you need to quickly snap a shot of a fast moving car or a bird in the wild. This cam locks onto things in a snap, even in lower light conditions.  

Let us go out on a limb and say it again that the Nikon D850 is capable of capturing an insane amount of detail. We shot a convoy of cars from a mountain away using the 70-300 lens and zoomed into one vehicle, only to find it captured crisp.Things stay stellar even as the light starts to die down. Images shot in low light exhibit strong, moody presence, with eye-popping colour detail.

Stuff says... 

Nikon D850 review

The perfect weapon for professional photographers that is bound to woo the early adopters and enthusiasts alike
Good Stuff 
45.7MP sensor packs bags of detail
Stellar image quality in low light
Flip out LCD screen is a boon
4K video quality is top-notch
7fps burst mode+9fps with battery grip is a plus point
Bad Stuff 
XQD cards are expensive