Zene turns your car into a spanking new smart vehicle

You’ll never go “Dude, where’s my car?” if you get the Zene vehicle monitoring dongle and app

Jealous of your best mate’s new sedan and wish you could get all those smart features in your ancient jalopy? Seems there’s a way you can...

So what’s Zene? And just what kind of digital witchcraft does it do to your car? Well, it’s a teeny little dongle that plugs into your car’s OBD scanner port, and pairs with a smartphone app. And just what all can it do? Plenty, it seems – it adds real-time vehicle tracking with speed and geo-fenced warnings, emergency and accident alerts, trip tracking, driving style analysis, engine performance monitoring and an optional tyre pressure monitoring system. So if you’ve got a delinquent younger brother who loves taking your car on joyrides, you’ll know the instant he gets out onto the main road. Or you can call out your shady mechanic when he suggests swapping out the alternator for something like a flux capacitor (Pro-tip from the Stuff team: flux capacitors don’t exist).

The Zene app’s also got a few social features built in, letting you share your various achievements and badges on Facebook. Though we think winning a ‘traffic crawler’ badge would be rather sad. Hmm, how about trying for ‘highway star’... Zene will cost you 5999 (there’s a 25% inaugural discount on, though), and is in the pre-order stage at present, with deliveries starting later this month.