Zebronics Zeb-Fit500 smartband will track your heartbeat during workouts and more

You’ll love this sleek piece of equipment with every breath you take!

Workout gear keeps getting sleeker and sexier.

Tracking your fitness metrics is something that you’ve been hooked on to since Apple digitised the fitness world, but this new kid on the block lends a bit of fashion to your wrist. With this device you can track when your heart beats faster and when it skips a beat, whether while working out or otherwise.

When it comes to electronics, Zebronics know what they are doing when they introduce you to new gear. Designed to optimise the functioning of your biggest muscle vis-a-vis your workout, walks and more, the Zeb-Fit500 is a pretty sleek smart band. For just 3,999, you can track your steps, monitor your heart rate and while you’re at it, count those calories too. Compatibility with iOS 7.1 upward and Android 4.1 onwards is an advantage.

Add some jazz to your wrist and snap one of these bands on your wrist in red, blue or black to work out for that perfect body. Zebronics sure knows how to make working out sexy!