YouTube NextUp is your best chance at Internet stardom

Bootcamp for content makers flags off in Mumbai this September

YouTube’s training programme for content creators is back with a creator bootcamp and cash (for video gear, not beer) up for grabs. Perfect for amping up the production quality of your ‘cute kitties wielding lightsabers’ channel, isn’t it?

So, you’ve got a YouTube channel up with quite a few subscribers eager to catch your Spielberg-quality cat videos or what you imagine to be breaking news about government conspiracies (but are actually insane rants about UFOs and black helicopters). Then it’s time to take the next step and brush up your production skills (and win some free gear while you’re at it).

And that’s just what YouTube NextUp offers. The Indian edition kicks off this September in Mumbai, with a week-long training session where you’ll learn about production techniques like lighting and sound. Apart from that, those selected get $2,500 to buy new gear for their channel, and there’s always the chance of meeting the perfect collaborator with whom to launch your indie movie career.

But wait, before you book your flight tickets for Mumbai, you need to have a channel with 10,000 - 100,000 subscribers (with monetisation enabled), have uploaded at least 3 videos in the past 90 days, and be in good standing (no strikes for silly stuff like using an unlicensed background score)...

Keen on becoming the next Internet sensation? Then go apply for a chance to be at the Mumbai leg of YouTube NextUp.