Your treadmill not yielding results? It’s time for a revamp!

Technogym’s Skillmill will change the way you workout forever!

Summer’s here and we all want to get in shape. You’re probably hitting the treadmill with a vengeance but without much success. It isn’t easy to rock a hot body, but with the Skillmill, you might just inch closer to your dream physique.


Who’s the fatty that bent the treadmill?


No, that’s not a treadmill that’s bent in the middle you troglodyte! That is the latest in the cutting -edge of fitness technology - the Skillmill. The Skillmill claims to be the first non-motorised fitness product to combine Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility training into one sleek, chubby-busting mean machine. Having worked with thousands of sportspersons worldwide, covering over 100 disciplines, Technogym compiled all its know-how into designing the Skillmill.

Skillmill works on something known as Athletic Performance Training, a new school of thought that aims at high-intensity workouts as a means to improve sports performance. Non-motorised, one can pull or push, add/reduce resistance to choose difficulty level and basically get a full body workout par none. With the best athletes in the world having worked and verified the Skillmill’s prowess, you have officially run out (oh the irony!) of excuses to bust that gut and shape that butt.


Remember, handles are good only on vessels and things that need gripping. Calling it love handles does not, we repeat, does not make it cute either.

Put down that pizza already and get inspired by this sweet video that’ll show you just what the Skillmill is all about.



The Technogym Skillmill is available at 6 lacs onwards. Yes, it is pricey, but something this good is seldom cheap. Who knows, it may very well have been the ‘Reliance’ of a young man’s dreams of getting fit and boy did it deliver. If you’ve clearly missed the clue, head over to Tehcnogym’s website, or to get your padded hiney a workout of a lifestime.