Your Google Duo calls will look clearer with an upcoming update

Get ready for a bump in call participants as well

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, video calling apps are growing immensely popular with all age groups, whether you are connecting with loved ones, meeting up for work or even calling your dog.

We recently put up a list of video calling apps, and Google Duo turned out to be the easiest to set up and get calling. Turns out that Google’s been working on a few things to make the video calling experience even better.

In the coming weeks, Google will be switching to a new video codec that uses better compression, which means your calls will look clearer. This works better for low-bandwidth calls, which makes more sense in such times when literally everyone is eating into your high-speed broadband line. Better compression also means better stability, which means fewer drops and awkward conversations with yourself.

Google will also be updating the screenshot feature, so you will now see Duo screenshots of both callers side by side instead of picture in picture. However, you will have to enable this by going into the app’s settings. Apart from this, Google will also be changing its policy on video messages and will soon let you save them instead of deleting them after 24 hours.

Last, but definitely not the least, is a bump up in the number of callers you can add to a group video call. While Duo is nowhere close to what Zoom offers, big G did bump up the numbers of callers from 8 to 12 due to the pandemic and now it will soon take that number up further. There’s no confirmed update about how many users will be able to join a group call just yet, but more is always behter.