You’ll soon be able to buy a real Jeep 4x4 in India

The legendary 4x4 brand finally arrives on our shores with three hamburger-chompin’, rock n’ roll- playin’, all-American Jeeps

We get not just the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but also its mad-hatter SRT version, and yes, the trail-rated Wrangler Unlimited.

Hear that?

That’s the sound of a 4x4 junkie swooning.

Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee’s one helluva looker and should also have great highway grunt, thanks to its 3-litre V6 diesel motor. You get to choose between 2 variants  - Limited (with a Quadra Trac II 4x4 system) and Summit (with the more advanced Quadra Drive II). Of course, if you’re gonna be high-tailin’ it over our highways with the pedal to the metal, you’ll be pleased to know these gigantic luxury 4x4s are also packed with plenty of safety kit - Electronic Stability Control, Electronic Roll Mitigation, All-Speed Traction Control, Trailer Sway Control…

Does the Jeep story get better? It does. While you’d have to be at least as cool as a banjo-playin’, alligator-wrasslin’, Elvis-impersonatin’ astronaut to call a Jeep ‘boring’, the otherwise-imposing Grand Cherokee does find itself overshadowed by its dishier, flashier brothers...

Grand Cherokee SRT

For cool-as-a-cowboy street cred and true Detroit soul, get the Grand Cherokee SRT. The diesel motor’s been replaced with authentic American iron - a 6.4L, Hemi V8 (yes, we can hear you drool) that dishes out 470hp, which some folks would reckon isn’t that far off from what a ‘nukular-powered’ aircraft carrier makes.

All those horses get put down to tarmac through an 8-speed automatic transmission - and yessir, there’s paddle-shift as well! So, what kind of performance figures can we expect from this ‘big-as-Texas’ SUV - how about a top speed of 258 kmph and a 0-100 time of 5 seconds?

With all that power comes great responsibility (as an American hero once said), so you also get a fancy Brembo braking system, Launch Control and, since this is a Jeep, Quadra Drive 4x4.

Wrangler Unlimited

And finally, if you’re less likely to be spotted tootling along your town’s equivalent of the Sunset Strip, and far more likely to be seen wearing faded denim and scuffed workboots while dreaming of fishing in a mountain stream, Jeep has something special for you - the Wrangler Unlimited. This ain’t your ordinary SUV. Nope, this makes other SUVs avert their eyes in fear of being caught out as imposters.

You see, the Wrangler Unlimited is ‘Trail-rated’, which means the engineers over at Jeep have taken it through some of the toughest off-road trails around to make sure it meets the grade as far as ‘4-wheeling’ abilities are concerned. There’s a torquey 2.8L diesel motor under the hood, a 5-speed automatic transmission, Command-Trac Shift-On-The-Fly 4x4, and yes, plenty of tech to keep city slickers like us safe when the road stops and Mother Nature gets ready for a brawl - Electronic Stability Control, Hill Start Assist and Electronic Roll Mitigation.

Fixin’ to buy yourself a new ride? Well, Jeep haven’t announced pricing, but we should find out by the middle of this year, when these ‘real’ 4x4s finally arrive in showrooms.