You'll be able to give the Samsung Galaxy S7 a bath

Latest leaks point to a waterproof flagship

The Samsung Galaxy S7 rumour mill is in overdrive, and the latest slice of news to hit our virtual news desk suggests that it'll be more than capable of taking a dip or two.

Despite the fact that recent leaks suggest that it'll look more or less exactly the same as the current Galaxy S6, serial tipster Eldar Murazin has revealed that the Galaxy S7 (and the Galaxy S7 Edge) will be IP68-rated. In other words, they'll be as water and dust resistant as other identically rated handsets like the Sony Xperia Z5.

If true, it means the Galaxy S7 should be able to survive full submersion in at least one metre of water, for at least thirty minutes.

Previously Samsung only bestowed this water-hating power on its Active range of handsets, but it appears the time has finally come to pass it on to its major flagships. If the leaked renders are accurate, these new water-resistant powers won't result in any extra ugliness of bulk either.

Murtazin goes on to state that the Galaxy S7 will also have a reinforced frame, allowing it to meet pavements with a little more confidence during unexpected acts of gravity.

We'll know all the full details on 21 February, when Samsung's Unpacked 2016 event will take place in Barcelona. We'll be right there at the front lines, so stay tuned.

[Eldar Murazin via Tech Radar]