You might be able to play Battleborn this month, but you won't be able to talk about it

Gearbox announces a closed technical test happening in two weeks - with limitations

Gearbox Software has been involved with some much-loved games, but none bigger than the Borderlands series, which allowed the studio to let loose and create its own fantastical world. No doubt, that's why Battleborn is so anticipated.

Battleborn isn't related to Borderlands, but it seems to put a similar emphasis on distinctive characters and worlds, along with cooperative play. And with the first-person shooter-meets-MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game due out in just a few months, Gearbox is hoping to do a big round of testing before putting the final polish on the release.

Today, the studio announced that it's seeking testers for a closed technical beta test that'll start on 29 October. However, unlike the Star Wars Battlefront beta that just concluded, it's not open to everyone with the right hardware. And unlike the Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta, you can't preorder the game to guarantee access.

Instead, you'll have to fill out an application and hope they pick you based on your platform, availability, location, and other factors. But even if you make the cut, you'll have to keep your mouth closed: a strict NDA means you can't stream the game, post media from it, or even discuss it online. And you might not want to risk breaking that agreement: if Gearbox's lawyers are anywhere near as aggressive as the heroes in this game (see trailer above), you won't last long in that showdown.

Battleborn should be one of the big early-year releases for 2016, with a release date of 6 February planned for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If we're lucky, maybe Gearbox and 2K Games will open up the servers for a wider test before the year's through.

[Source: Battleborn via Polygon]