Yahoo mail adds two new features

Yahoo simplifies call screening and photo sharing!

Taking phone screening and photo uploading to another level, Yahoo has simplified the extensive search for images and phone numbers.

Life’s busy... who’s got the time to save all those contacts? Worry not, this newest Yahoo Mail App simplifies the hard task of saving phone numbers and makes it as simple a task as eating a sandwich. The unique update tracks numbers from your email inbox and doubles up as a caller ID as well. Say goodbye to Truecaller and the next time that ex calls, screen them without a second thought.

Same goes for all your precious moments that you don’t often get to transfer on the comp, because we are only bothered by the picture overload once the phone memory, the extended memory and everything else gives up, don’t you?

Forget about bothering with the painful time it takes to transfer images to your desktop. The new photo upload feature on this app bridges the gap between your smartphone and desktop. It’s just a matter of syncing your phone with your Yahoo mail account before the image recognition software eases image access too.

Now that everything we come across these days contributes to simplifying life, don’t you sometimes wish life in general was as simple as downloading an app?