Would you wear Apple's iRing?

One ring to rule them all...

Oh, you have a new smartwatch? That's cute, but it's got nothing on our smart ring. Get on our level, you bare-fingered scrub.

Just kidding. We love you really. And we don't actually have a smart ring. Yet.

Apple, you see, has filed a patent for an iRing, which appears to be a crackpot concept for a tech-packed ring.

Excitingly titled "Devices and methods for a ring computing device", the patent shows off a rather large and bulky ring, which packs in a 1.5in screen, a camera, heart rate monitor, accelorometer and, well, pretty much what we've come to expect from any smartwatch.

Some of the illustrations show how the ring's screen could be used as a trackpad or control unit, and it's been suggested that it can interact with the Watch, simulating its digital crown.

There's even a section that outlines how two users who shake hands can have money or information transferred to their devices.

It's all rather (well, very) ridiculous, and we'd be surprised to actually see this come to fruition.

But hey, at least we can all laugh at how ridiculous the pictures look, right?

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