William Penn introduces Cross pens that recycle AK47s

Pens take form of wearable art

Let’s get this straight – no one here likes war. We like our metal taking the form of cars, bikes, even planes, but most certainly, ammunition is not our kind of indulgence.

The disk used in this special Peerless Collection by Cross is made from steel obtained from AK47 rifles that plague Africa. Fashionable and stylish, each pen ensures that gun has been taken out of circulation to create it, and the makers even give you the serial number of the gun it put to sleep in the process. That’s certification enough as one of these special-edition pens can be your way of contributing peace in the world.

Support the revolution and purchase The Peerless Pen collection on William Penn at a modest price of ₹25,895. Proudly carry one piece of art in your pocket because this mightier sword supports a good cause!