Why you should be excited for Alienware’s new gaming beasts

Gaming doesn't get more powerful than this

If you're a fan of PC gaming and glowing alien heads, then it's very likely you're familiar with Alienware’s range of luminescent gaming behemoths.

The company recently unveiled its latest range of portable gaming laptops and a mid-tower desktop, and they're big, expensive and powerful enough to blow your mind no matter where you are*.

Here's what you've got to look forward to:

* Near a power socket is where you'll usually need to be.

Additional words: Khumail Thakur

1) All the power

Remember Nvidia’s insanely powerful new GTX 10-series mobile graphics cards?

They promise the power of the company’s full-sized desktop cards - like the incredible GTX 1080 - in a smaller form factor. Alienware’s new laptops will be packing this new generation of mobile gaming grunt beneath their angular bodies.

These new cards promise to match the performance of their desktop equivalents within 10%, which is quite an incredible feat given the compromises mobile graphics cards have had to make in the past.

The 15in version of the new laptop - fittingly called the Alienware 15 - features an Nvidia GTX 1070 card, while the Alienware 17 bumps this up to the mighty force of the GTX 1080.

But if you want the pixels from your 4K screen to come out and slap your eyeballs out, the Alienware Aurora comes with an option to of adding two Nvidia GTX 1080Ti in SLI. 

Aside from blistering performance in regular gaming, all that extra power brings with it one very exciting possibility.

2) Lag free VR

That’s right folks - if you’re lucky enough to be rocking the likes of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, these new laptops - or indeed, any laptop running Nvidia’s new hardware - can offer enough power to serve up VR gaming, wherever you are.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to be plugged into a power supply given the demands that VR headsets place on hardware, but carrying around a laptop still beats breaking your back/bag with a PC.

The Alienware Aurora sports the lastest GTX 1080Ti, so if you're looking for a lag free experience in life. Or even life itself, then the Aurora can aid you. 

Also, Dell India has tied up with HTC in an exclusive partnership for a limited period to set up VR experience zones across 125 Dell exclusive stores.

After all, who needs to get sand everywhere when you can enjoy other planets from the comfort of your air-conditioned hotel room?

3) 4K, baby

Yep - 4K screens. On a laptop. Granted, these aren’t the first laptops to run QHD displays, but with their all-new GPU power sources, you’ll be able to play games at ridiculous resolutions without worrying about murdering your laptop’s insides or ruining on-screen performance. Hooking up to a 4K monitor for a big-screen experience is as easy as, well, hooking up something to a monitor.

And if you really, really want to game hardcore by sticking a flag on the moon - addressing your PC gaming superiority - The Alienware Aurora comes ready to enable 12K (that's three 4K displays hooked together). Now you can offically pan-spit on console gamers. 

4) Eye see you

Raw power isn’t the only thing Alienware’s new machines offer. The Alienware 17 also has the option for Tobii eye-tracking technology.

A small infrared strip beneath the screen, coupled with a camera and a pinch of software, enables the laptop to recognise your eye movements.

Game developers have to actively slot this feature into their titles, but having briefly tried it ourselves, we think it has the potential to add an extra level of immersion - as long as it’s not crammed in as a gimmick.

5) Built to last

There are no two ways about it - these machines are BIG. Despite the laptop's being a little thinner than last year’s models, you’re still not going to want to cart them around on your shoulders all day. Still, their chassis’ have been reinforced with metal, making them incredibly tough and solid.

While they’re built like tanks, Alienware’s still thrown in its traditional flair – plenty of customisable shining light strips as well as a backlit keyboard and trackpad – to keep fans of pretty flashing lights occupied.

Not to mention the Aurora (starting from ₹1,79,990) is a behemoth that comes with factory overclocked CPUs and also support tool-less access to the hard drive, graphic card and memory. It also comes with loads of options to choose between different graphics card, processor, storage and memory so you can customise it as you wish.

Buy the Alienware 15 from here (starting from ₹1,64,990)

Buy the Alienware 17 from here (starting from ₹2,14,990)