Why walk when you can Locomo

Seriously, a self-balancing, two-wheeled electric scooter is way more fun

Remember those chubby tubby people in WALL-E who grew fat because they almost, sort of, obliterated the need to walk due to a ‘personal mobility system’ (that’s what we are calling it anyway) that helped them get around? Well, you don’t need to worry. We aren’t that far along, for now.

But hey! There’s good news: we’re getting there. Jokes apart, there has been a deluge of these Personal Mobility Systems or PMS for short (yes, we know!), in the market. No matter where you look, everyone seems to be getting a PMS these days. There are even videos of people on PMSs on YouTube. We do have a faint suspicion that the movie ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ might have something to do with the onslaught of PMSs in the market. But we digress.

The Locomo SBV is a rugged and fun electric scooter that works on the simple mechanics of body-balancing. Get on the platform, hold the handlebar and lean in the direction that you wish to proceed. Voila! The nifty circuitry onboard makes the whole thingamajig move. The Locomo is pretty tricked out: It's got a mileage of 30-35kms per charge, a digital display with a speedometer, two wireless remote controllers, six LEDs for better visibility and many more. The chunky tyres can handle mild off-roading while the 360 degree spot-rotation and reversing capabilities will make sure you are never stuck in a corner. All in all, a fun, temporary alternative to walking.