When ‘Oppo’rtunity goes Sonic!

Say hello to the Sonica - Oppo Digital’s latest wunderkind

Another speaker? Yay.

While your sarcasm isn’t going to win you any brownie points, the sheer charm of the Sonica - Oppo Digital’s Wi-Fi speaker - is sure to make a believer out of the most sardonic of smart alecks out there. You might be used to seeing Bluetooth-compatible speakers launch every other day, but this speaker's performance defies its size, and if you take in account its bevy of features - courtesy of some smart tinkering by the guys at Oppo Digital - you're sure going to be impressed.

Really? Go on then...

Smart choice. To begin with, the Sonica is a compact, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible speaker capable of playing high-resolution and lossless formats, in addition to your standard formats, and can also decode audio files up to 24-bit/192kHz encoded in formats such as FLAC, WAV and Apple Lossless. The Sonica punches where it matters the most - qualitative audio. A 3.5in bass woofer, two 2.5in drivers and two passive radiators for added low-end make for performance that defies expectations, doesn't distort at high volumes and puts a smile on your nihilistic outlook.

Not Bad.. what else?

Glad you asked. Let’s start with Sonica’s proprietary app - it’s free, is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and lets you stream music directly. iOS devices can use Airplay, too. Currently, the app supports streaming via Tidal and Spotify in US markets, but you can soon expect Gaana and Saavn to be playing on the Sonica. The indigenously built app allows for a lot of flexibility - you can pair two Sonicas in stereo mode an even sync a bunch of them for multi-room capabilities, for starters. At the moment, Oppo Digital says you can sync up to eight units with the app. Future updates are also expected to offer further options for maneuverability.

Besides wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi, you can also connect a good, ol’ fashioned AUX cable or a USB drive to the speaker to listen to your favourite music.

Impressive. Must cost a bit.

O ye of perpetual doubts, have a little faith. As far as contemporaries are concerned, the sleek and svelte Sonica is humbly priced at 29,999. It’ll be officially available from August 15, and can be bought from Oppo's website. As for your general sardonic being, may it rest in peace.