WhatsApp Web lets you continue chatting on Google Chrome

Unless you've got an iPhone, that is
WhatsApp Web mirrors your mobile conversations on Google Chrome

Meet WhatsApp Web, the chat app’s new web client that will allow you to move your smartphone conversations onto the desktop.

WhatsApp Web isn’t a separate chat app, it just mirrors what’s happening on your smartphone. This means all your messages still live safe and sound on your device, and not stored on your computer.

WhatsApp Web mirrors your mobile conversations on Google Chrome

To use WhatsApp Web, you'll need up to date versions of both Google Chrome and WhatsApp. Then, head here, scan the QR code from within the WhatsApp application (there'll be a WhatsApp web option in the menu) and volià, you're up and running. Because the web app only mirrors your phone, your phone will need to be connected to the Internet.

Now there'll be no more side-eyeing your phone to see what’s new in your 24 group chats, and you can pretend to be working on a spreadsheet, when you're actually talking about lunch plans. Come on. We all do it.

It's a feature that WhatsApp users have been hankering after for years, and for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone fans at least, it's finally time to celebrate.

Unfortunately, iOS users can't access this feature yet due to platform restrictions, but it's in the works. We'll let you know when the Apple faithful can join in on the fun, so stay tuned,

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