Welcome to the Jungle

We’ve got fun and games, says Puma, with the new and flashy evoPower 1.3 footie shoes

What do Cesc Fàbregas, Mario Balotelli, Olivier Giroud and Yaya Touré and their like have in common, besides loads of talent, tons of money, enviable lifestyles that include gorgeous WAGS? Boots! Puma’s latest evoPower 1.3, to be precise.

The latest from the evoPower line has been designed with power as the main focus. With vibrant, loud, fluorescent shades of green employed for that wild appeal, these bad boys definitely look alluring. There’s a complete new outsole with an improved upper material that spells ‘DOOM’ for the other team. Unless, of course, they have these on their feet too, in which case it’s a ‘let the best foot win’ case. Regardless, the new design is said to aide flexibility and foot movement while enhancing and supporting what the body does naturally. This includes those impromptu jigs that goal-scorers so like to do after netting one. It’s like they’re saying,”I can score goals AND dance too”. And if this is a natural thing, then damnit, the evoPower 1.3 will be there, supporting what your body wants to do. Which is why the principles of barefoot kicking have been considered as Holy Grail for inspiration for the design.

A lot of focus on how force travels when strikers are thundering down the field has also been kept in mind while designing the evoPower1.3. Puma’s made sure that even the bladed and conical studs aide in their movement and render experienced defenders and goalies as frustrated as a kindergartener who’s being forced to learn multiplication tables. The studs also make sure that your playing conditions don’t deter your manoeuverability and stability, even in wet conditions. Finally, the ‘Adap-Lite’ upper on the foot bends and moulds to take the natural shape of your foot so that mates who try borrowing your studs return them with more eagerness than when they borrowed it in the first place. This is your shoe, and yours alone.

In conclusion, just imagine all the power of a kung-fu kick from the Shaolin Soccer movie, with none of the CGI. Said to add match-winning stability by Cesc himself, the evoPower 1.3’s fluorescent and flashy colours just might be the last thing a goalie registers before witnessing the ball hit the net in a blaze of fury. Available for ₹13,999 on Puma’s website, your football  greatness awaits you in all its green glory.