This wearable camera can level out an increasingly wonky world

Horizontal video, whatever the angle

Brilliant. Someone’s made a funny-looking GoPro.

OK, so it’s an action camera - but this one’s got a rather smart trick in its waterproof shell. Clip it to your shirt, cap or shoe - mount free - and it’ll record level footage at pretty much any angle. Even if you bend down or look up, it’ll keep filming your focal point, perfectly horizontal - like gyroscopic magic.

Won’t it be all wobbly if I wear it on my hat?

Not thanks to video stabilisation smarts, it won’t. The MySight uses horizontal calibration - basically cropping within the field of view - to keep footage smooth, stable and straight-ahead. It’s a digital process, so not as pretty as a proper stabiliser, but it ought to mean your action shots aren’t stomach-churningly choppy.

So it records in 360 degrees?

Not quite. It’s actually got a 240-degree fish-eye lens, so there’ll be a bit of a gap when it’s processed into full-round footage - a gap that’s usually filled by your body or head. It's mainly used for that levelling tech, but can also be stitched into 360 degrees for sharing or, better still, watching with your VR goggles.

But is the video actually any good?

Well, it records 4K at 30fps, so it should look pretty sweet. The 360’s makers are still fine-tuning the image processing, but the tech is all there for TV-worthy playback when you get home.

I’m a bit of a lazy editor, though.

No-one wants to sift through hours of holiday footage. Thankfully, the MySight has a one-touch highlight function that’ll stitch together a nifty reel of your best bits using your smartphone. If you’re feeling even more confident, you can activate the LifeLog mode: it’ll record a 10 second clip every three minutes - whatever you’re doing - until the battery runs out after 15 hours.

OK, I’m sold. Where can I get this clever cam?

Nowhere, yet. What you can do, though, is head over to the Kickstarter page where the MySight360 is seeking US$60,000 (around 40lacs) of funding - and it’s already more than halfway there. There are some cool videos, too, of it’s video cropping smarts in action.