We have seen the Game of Thrones : Season 5, Ep 1 premier - Here is a spoiler free preview!

Winter is indeed coming and the wars are coming too

With Game of Thrones : Season 5 barely more than a few hours away from its simultaneous worldwide telecast, we thought it would be nice to inform you what you are in for. Spoiler free. Obviously.

Last evening HBO invited us for the screening of  GoT Season 5's first episode titled - The Wars To Come. Which means we got to see it a whole two days before the world does. It was an offer impossible to refuse and as the media made itself comfortable in the small yet well spec'd screening room with Dolby surround, we contemplated on who would be killed off. We knew someone had to go.

An hour later, we were reminded of the absolutely overwhelming attention paid to production quality. Scenes were grittier, darker and the brilliant sound design plunges you in to the blood soaked, perfidious world of Westeros. Director Michael Slovis drives the audience through a rabid and emotionally charged hour that lays out the opener for the wars to come. Game of Thrones Season 5 will have 166 cast members, 1000 crew members and over 5000 extras. Picture that for scale.

The Season 5 of GoT will consist of ten episodes and will be simultaneously telecasted across 170 countries worldwide. Viewers here will get to view it on 13th morning 6:30am, on HBO Defined in its full HD glory and completely break free. We can safely assume hardcore fans to start their day early. For the rest, the opening episode will be telecast again at 10pm, same day.

Play close attention to the opening credits.