The WD Passport Pro could be the monster truck of portable hard drives

4TB, Thunderbolt and RAID? This ought to make all designers and photographers weep with joy

We guarantee your hard disk tops the list of ‘Gadgets I hope won’t die on me’. So why not just get something with RAID 1 peace of mind and speedy Thunderbolt file transfers?

We all have a portable hard disk lying around somewhere. And you just know what’s gonna happen when you dig it out to restore a backup. It’s either dead, or if it works, will take up the better part of the day while it uses (we imagine) Tortoise File Protocol to sloooowly transfer your data.


But the made-for-Mac Western Digital Passport Pro should turn that frown upside down. With 4TB spread over two separate 2.5in drives in one enclosure, you’ve got enough space for all the photos you’ll ever take. (It’s now okay to set your camera to RAW mode).

The Passport Pro can be switched to RAID 0 and also allows for file transfers up to 230mbps, which means even video editing should be a lot more fun.

And since part of that speed boost can be attributed to the Thunderbolt interface, users have even more to smile about - yup, there’s no need for a separate power cable as the Passport Pro gets its juice over Thunderbolt.

Keepin’ it safe

But if you’d rather play safe, you can change over to RAID 1. You then get ‘only’ 2TB of space (still a lot, we’d say), as the second drive is used to mirror your data.

So in the horrible event of one of the two disks crashing, your data remains safe.

And while it’s not really a ‘rugged’ drive, the aluminium casing and rubber bumpers ought to make it hardy enough to survive the desk of the average designer (who we imagine has a workspace cluttered with random pencils, collectible fountain pens, sketchpads and, of course, bric-à-brac collected from museum gift shops). Interested?

Fork out ₹59,980 at and it’s yours!